Thursday, 27 December 2012

Almost the end

Salam Jumaat, penghulu segala hari ;)

it's almost the end of 2012.. just a few days more to welcome 2013..hmmm, 2012 has been a remarkable year for me.. many did i learn n realised.. aku rasa seiring dgn usia yg makin dewasa, pemikiran pun kena semakin matang.. i know sometimes i'm very childish, emotional, gedik x bertempat.. but i learn that if i try to put myself in others shoes, i'll think abt what happen around in different perspectives..

i think that i pay less attention in class.. especially in lecture that i dun really like.. hehe.. it is not proper for me to mention d subjects here anyway.. but i think d lessons r just too boring.. hahaha.. but i still spent some time to review d topic at d hostel.. when i know that i'm a little left behind, i'll speed my reading... hahaha... belajar kt class x nk, tp markah nk tinggi... sapa nk bg woiii!!! ngeh3.. just imagine, Ms Leong's lecture is usually at jpp room which is near our hostel.. bayangkan la, sbb dekat punya pasal, aku pegi class pakai sandal yg aku salu pakai pegi mkn tu... bwk notes, pen sebatang dgn highlighter je... pemalas tahap jinnga! then disebabkan tu combined class which mean there are around 50 ppl in d room, we simply sit anywhere! so most of d time i ended up sitting on d sofa n chitchatting... bad umi, baddd....!! 2013 kena tukar perangai ye umi..

since i'm d "last minutes" n "study for exam" kindda person, so just imagine how i compete w time to finish my reading.. hahaha.. masa lecturer bg lecture aku conteng2 buku, dah dkt nk exam bce notes semangat ya amat, tp sepatah haram x paham!! dah buang masa sbb kena ulang bace byk kali..hoho.. so, i hope i'll be able to change this bad attitude next year.. in sya Allah... 

resolution for new year?? just hoping for a better Umairah ;)


mom's birthday is coming soon... should buy somethinf ;)

Happy New Year everybody!

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Terengganu part 1


wahhh... penuh dgn spider web dah blog aku ni.. haha.. it has been awhile since my last post.. i have d disease call 'laziness' since i'm home anyway.. hahaha..

nothing much to do at home.. makan, minum, tgk tv, tido.. haha.. pemalas pny anak dara.. holiday means gain weight for me.. my lil bro n i had been arguing abt where to go for our family vacation this year... kejadahnya budak tu tiap2 thn nk g cameron aje?? we should experience something new rite? so after a few session of so called discussion between us, finally mom n dad yg decide where to go.. no excitement sudah coz they must have been chosen tempat2 yg ala makcik2 n pakcik2 sikit.. hahaha...

two weeks after adam's exam result announced, we went to terengganu... omak aihhhh jauhnyeeeee!!! 10 hours in d car was just crazy!!! i slept, then i woke up, i slept again n woke up again, but we haven't reach d destination yet!!! i felt so tired sleeping in d car.. now i understand d feelings of my friends who had to travel for hours in d bus masa nk blk kg.... fuhhh... nk pegi terengganu kan kena lalu area batang kali ke apa ntah, then masuk jln bengkang-bengkuk mcm ular kena palu heading to genting highland tu.. when we stopped ar genting sempah punya r&r tu, rasa mcm nk mintak cancel g terengganu n lepak genting je sbb rasa mcm jauh sgt..hahaha.. but i kept that thought to myself because confirm kena reject punya... we arrived at Seri Malaysia Kuala Terengganu at around 6pm.. malam tu mmg turun dinner kt bawah then naik bilik mmg terus tido... dah xde energy dah aku! haha

on the second day, we went to Taman Tamadun Islam...located by the riverside n d place is just spectacular... replika masjid2 from all over d world were nicely built...  d place is quite big n malas nk jln kaki, sudah la panas terik ya ampunnn so we rented something like bicycle but not so bicycle.. oh god i just dunno how to describe it.. haha.. 

ok, dat thing looks like this 

here r more pictures

actually, macam2 jadi masa kt sini but let's keep it as a secret.. haha

since it takes ages to upload a photo, so i think that's it for now... this is only the first part ok... there's so much to write.. 

see u next time...

to be continued..........

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