Friday, 29 March 2013


a token of appreciation to u, Hery Ramli... (nak nama glamor, Afiqah.. 
much <3 for both of u!

can't wait for another two weeks to come! kena g tuntut janji.. this is the moment i've been waiting for!
i love when ppl treat me ;D

this is how u act when u really care of someone... oh, blm hbs marah lg..

Just saying...


oh i really hope u know who u r!

i made it clear to anybody who know me that when i'm angry, i'll make sure i'll get noticed.. 

Being 21


yesterday, March 28, i'm officially 21!!
Alhamdulillah, Allah bagi kesempatan lagi utk aku menumpang sementara kat dunia milik Dia..

"dah besar panjang dah anak mak, dah blh kawin" , mak aku cakap.. mak aku yg cakap ye, bukan aku.. umur je dah 21, tp perangai hmmmm... malas cakap.. lol

no official celebration this year..dah besar ni malas dah nak celebrate bagai.. dad even asked me what i want for my birthday, but i dunno what i want.. so mom brought me to the town n i ended up buying a pair of shoes.. hehe.. i mean, what do u expect from! ngeh3..

this year, birthday is all about food! i mean seriously.. dad said since i didnt ask for any specific present, so he bought us for dinner on 27th.. ok this one can be considered as advanced birthday celebration la kot.. then on 28th itself, he treated middle east cuisine for lunch! then at night, kfc pulak.. mmg gemuk la aku.. sob3

this one is from fahmi! very advanced tau... a week before holiday dia bagi.. haha.. ak ingatkan kenapa la tibe2 suruh aku bawak pendrive g class.. ;D
mmg mcm2 expression ada.. complete sume! ngeh3..
tq very much le fahmi oiii... paling x ley bla tu, dia letak 'Jawa' instead of my name.. ceyt!! ;p

and this one is from chan! she gave me after we came back from burger bakar-ing.. hik3
thanks to chan, now my patrick dah dpt new friend.. hehe.. a smaller version of patrick..

this was what i had for lunch! ayam mandy.. yum yum yum..sedapnye (Thevika,2013)
tq to everyone yg wish me! much love for eveyone!!

we r the march babies! <3
one more is azmie.. kesian mihun, selalu tertinggal.. padahal dia yg bongsu.. ;D

p/s : have no time to really enjoy since assignments bertimbun... this is disaster!!!

got to go! bye2!!

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Another SBE to go...

Back to ipohland, the land of uncertain weather... ;D
well, not so looking forward to come back here since only some of my classmates are here..
org lain blk kg, cuti 2 minggu, aku cuti seminggu je! haha... nvm, aku kan sll blk weekends...

tomorrow is the first day of SBE.. This is my third time already... to be honest, i never like to be in a new environment because i need to adapt w s situation.. but once i feel ok w it, it's the end of it.. 

SBE stands for School Based Experience or in bm, Pengalaman Berasaskan Sekolah (PBS).. We hv to go to school, check out the environment, facilities, management n the most important task is to learn how to teach by observing how the real teacher teaches n control the class... n sometimes we are ask to relief other teachers' classes which is not cool at all! 

since for this semester, i'm completing my SBE here in ipoh w my friends, so i hv to stay here at the hostel... sudah la rumet xde.. hahaha.. nvm, new experience maaa...


Friday, 15 March 2013

Three years and remain strong

Supposed to update this one first before the KL trip.. hehe
the line here is tremendously slow..
so i only upload some photos since it takes ages to complete.. 
i really had fun that night! 
maklumlah, i'm one of the victim yg kena prank w tepung! luckily sempat menyorok dalam cafe so xde la kenapakaj telur sekali...hehe..
pity sia! she looked horrible that night! kih3

k13 bbq party team! 
w miss jen <3

w chan.. fahmi's new scandal... muahaha

most of my photos hodoh2 belaka...stress aku tgk! over candid maybe.. ;p

ok, that's all..
dah x larat nk tunggu sampai sejam lbh nk upload gambar..

have fun!


Exploring The Art

phewww... what a hectic week! Assignments, presentations, micro teaching n tasks need to be done! but i guess K13 had a blast last week by spending our weekend away from the campus XD.. 

We went to KL n Shah Alam for our seni trip.. well, actually the trip is under our minor subject, which is PSV.. thanks to Dr Kasran for giving the idea for this trip.. i think he knows that most of us do not hv any interest in doing the seni thingy in the studio, so you took us out... hahaha..  we went to National Craft Centre, Balai Seni Visual Negara n enjoy ourself tremendously at i-city till midnight! 
please take note that all the pictures are in random orders.. i dun hv time to susun2 everything nicely.. lol

we were supposed to start our journey by 8am tp biasalah k13's boys take hours to make up kan..haha.. 

we went to trick art museum at night.. spend hours playing around at i-city ;D
well, talking about i-city.. we naik ferris wheel tu... sumpah aku freeze kt dlm tu..especially bila smpai part paling atas...i do not hv d courage to look down at all! puteri rileks je.. huhu.. penyakit gayat aku menyerang! 

then turun ferris wheel, naik pulak pirateship.. honestly, i thought it is not scary laa kan.. but sekali naik, aku rasa mcm jantung aku tertinggal kat atas... Ya Allah, serious takut! i was trembling like crazy.. n keep shouting.. Makkkkk!!!!!! i even asked puteri who sit next to me to hold my hand tightly! Puteri, pegang akuuu!!! but ironically, thevika who sat opposite to us had a good time laughing at me! she said i laughed because of your face.. i had never seen u look as miserable as just now... krg asam pny budak.. teringin sup selipar agaknya...

oh, lupa plak.. that night we stay at wisma belia near mont kiara.. thanks to Kayun's father for his help.. we only pay rm7 for laundry.. jimat.. hehe.. n the room is spacious and comfortable too.. n it is freaking cold at night!

these three naughty boys smpai senget2 kepala trying to figure out the hidden message of the drawing.. well i did the same too ;p

dash, me, izzat, mary n sia.. penat baq hang... XD

at balai seni, we bumped into a tourist from German.. n she is an English teacher too!! what a coincidence! we were so happy at that time.. haha..

thanks to Jabar la sebab ringan mulut tegur that lady.. kalo nk harapkan aku ni, mmg x laa... dah la classmates aku sume cakap aku muka sombong! ngeh3..

this picture was taken before we get into the bus.. pink tudung n white blouse which i simply take from the almari..hik3

getting ready to leave the campus

see? i already mention that the pictures are not in proper order since i simply click any pictures! haha.. 

in the bus.. sit w yamna.. 

the boys were so bising at that time! so girls cannot kalah la kan? along the journey, we teased thevika a lot! madness overload i think!! pity her but she's the source of laughter in K13.. hehe

this picture was taken before we entered balai seni lukis.. as we dropped by at istana budaya first, i was so tired.. well the distance between this two places xde la jauh mana, but still penat. maybe sbb cuaca panas kot.. seriously x sabar nk msk dlm sbb nk aircond.. lol

some of us inside balai seni w Dr Kasran..
i was completely exhausted yo!

us <3

p/s : had a blast during tesl night yesterday..very entertaining.. well done, TESL group! we rock!!

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