Thursday, 29 September 2011

to start agan

lets turn to a new leaf...

with open arms....

ikhlaskan hati..

and start everything again..

from the very beginning...

ukhwah itu indah ^^

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

let them talk for me ^^

hello... more pics to go... errr... i hv assignment to do yet i could upload pics??? ahhh... who cares?? haha

get ready to sumbat us in the cars...hehe

lets go!! err... ni bru kt petronas tambun..

announcing the arrival of k13 of ipg ipoh to teluk batik...
untung laa kalo ade announcement mcm ni... ahakzs!

angkut all those barang2... 
entah whose ball i hold at that moment... haha..
ade aku kesah??

our breakfast...

identity pengipas dan pencucuk ayam dirahsiakan... muahaha

makan2 time..

eheh... mangsa..

tadaa..... ^^

lepak-ing time..

bye2 teluk batik

ok, dats all!! get back to work,umairah!!! haha

Sunday, 25 September 2011

k13 on the road

lets unfold the history of 24.09.2011

such a beautiful scenery welcome us...
although i was like -pengunjung-tetap-of-telukbatik-
the feeling was totally different..
maybe coz this time i went there with those 20 awesome people... hahaha

me n zati couldnt take our eyes from that marvelous-finger-licking-good chocolate cake- ahaha
tq to kimi's mom for d cake,nasi n barbecue sauce!! sodappp...

err... mary buat ape 2.. hak3..
izzat telah mencuri kek yg aku baru cubit ckit!! haha...
then i took the other one... dpt yg baru... bk chocolate... ngeh3

some of my friends tgh get ready nk menerjah banana boat

i didnt mandi so i spent most of my time on d mat... waiting for the chicken to masak.... mak datokk...!! sumpah sedap....muahaha
kwn2 aku mmg pandai masak r... eh! pandai panggang ayam... haha

haha... those who are so excited to dijatuhkan in d sea...
jim : anak2.. jgn risau.. daddy will take care of u, dun worry yaa
(maybe dats wat he was saying at that moment..ahakzs!)
i was watching them from spot kteorg..

hati2 ye anak2... kate pakcik tu... hek3

not so many people yesterday... so, teluk batik kami punyaaaa.....!!!

hai, org sebelah.... nk berkenalan bisa ngakk?? errr... wrong dialogue..

homaigod!!! wat on earth was i doing?? aku lupe aku tido ke x mase tu.... haha..or just enjoying the sea breeze... together with jabar n izzat..
eh, no!! according to jabar, we should call him aaron aziz or abg hot... muahahaha...
sengal jerr....

then, we headed to teluk intan... my beloved hometown lorhh....
my dad bwk budak2 tu lepak kt Golf & Country Club...

since that club provide swimming pool, ade la 4 org kwn2 aku terjun..haha...
kimi, jim, izzat, jabar 

feeding the fish... ikan ape aku xmau tau..haha

 then, singgah pekan t.i...
sightseeing at menara condong...
aku sndiri sbg anak jati t.intan x pernah amek pics kt dataran tu... last night was my first time..
ok! dun laugh...

9pm - going back to ipoh... slept for 10 minutes in the car..
then, terjaga sbb dyorg gelak kuat... hahahahaha

arrived safely at ipg around 11pm..

credit to : hamdan, dee, jabar, kimi, yusman, faiedz,jim,famy, azmy, izzat, syazwan, kak puteri, mira, zati, chan, kak lu, evelyne, mary. maaf kalau ade yg terlupa tulis..


Saturday, 24 September 2011

k13's long journey

haaa.... see the post title??

ipoh - teluk batik - teluk intan - ipoh

my great journey with my awesome friends.... picnic at teluk batik, back home to t.intan, n a night journey back to ipg....
exhausted but berbaloi-baloi.... ;)
not in mood to upload pics.... next time maybe
see yaaa......

Friday, 23 September 2011

heyy... i'm talking about u... ;)

there's someone out there..
is still there..
next to me..
a guardian?
yes perhaps...
a silent observer..
a friend..
a brother..
the one who knows wats in my mind..
please, just stay there...
at least i know u r there..
dun smile at me..
 dun talk to me..
just stay there.. where u supposed to be..
as long as i could see u.. 
even just a glance..
for me to feel safe..
for me to feel secure..

my action could hide what's lingering in my mind
but my eyes couldnt hide how i wish u r there..

ahhh.... feeling lah plak!!

p/s : teluk batik, here we come!!

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

immaturity of me :)

i started to walk away
but then i saw the sun started to shine again..
cheer me up.
ahhh! wait!! i'm not suppose to feel this way..
i'd promised myself!

now, should i just stay there again enjoying the sunshine to my heart content..
should i just keep walking along a path which me myself dunno where it leads to??

i choose to stay..
for me to experience the warmth again..
to grab each and every opportunity lies in front of me..
and just go with the flow..
because deep in my heart that it will last forever..

even though rain might come..
to let me feel coldness instead of the warmth..
but sometimes i need to feel both..
so that i will be strong enough to face both warm and cold in the future..

i want to stay there..
maybe the rain might disturb me..
but i know at last the sun will shine again..

leave everything to Him.. He knows what is the best for me... n for u as well..
InsyaAllah, ada yg menanti kita di hadapan sana.. semua telah ditentukan :)

p/s : latihan kebakaran dlm hujan?? mmg 'best' pun... larikan mknan makan kt bilik pun best gak..haha

gud day, guys!!

Monday, 19 September 2011

logic vs insane

brain : heyy!! r u crazy?? crush with him? u r mad.,.!

heart : so wat?? i cant stop my feeling lahh!

brain : if she knw u fall for him, u die, u know!!??

heart : i'm not so stupid to tell her  - hey, i fall for ur ex la.. i'm not dat stupid la, brain..!

brain : huh! heart, u never listen to me... its for ur own good...  u will hurt her if she knew..

heart : i wont tell her!!! anyway, its just crush... i'm not saying i love her ex... CRUSH... do u get me, brain??

brain : but she's ur friend.. n ur CRUSHNESS might turn into something else.. LIKE perhaps... then grows to LOVE..who knows, heart..

heart : no... i'll make sure it wont into something like that.. i guaranty u, brain.. both of them are my friends..this stupid feeling wont last long anyway..

brain : up to u... 

heart : he's cute, kan?? hihi

brain : yaa... kind of.. huhu

heart : hah!.see?? u too cant deny it...we hv something in common now... haha

-just a random thought early in d morning...a true story by the writer herself.. ahakzs-

Sunday, 18 September 2011

yes, its equal...

yes, i know!!
every time i come across any obstacles, i told myself this :

Dia sedang berbicara denganmu tentang sabar.......

so, whenever i feel down or giving up over something, i keep those words in mind. He wants me to learn how to be patient... n tawakal as well..

as my mom said, its impossible for us to hv everything we wish as nobody is perfect... but Allah treats us equally in every way... for example, A might be rich but maybe his heart is empty... meanwhile B dont hv money full in his pocket but he owns love.. Allah menguji kita dgn pelbagai cara seiring dgn kekuatan hati dan mental kita sbb Dia tahu di mana titik kekuatan dan kelemahan setiap hambaNya...

sbg peringatan buat diri sendiri juga.. :)

p/s : crush??? again?!! noooo...!! whats d matter with u umairah??? hihih..

Friday, 16 September 2011

the reason...

what made u follow someone's blog?

- he/she is ur fren
- he/she is ur fren's fren/brother/sister
- he/she is ur fren's bf/.gf
-he/she is ur ex
-he/she is ur fren's ex
- he/she is in the same field of yours - same school, college, career n etc yg sewaktu dgnnye
- he/she is handsome/cute/beautiful/pretty
- his/her blog is really good - the content, relevant thought, interactive

hahaha... i asked myself this question too... coz i just follow someone i shouldnt!! stupid me! terlajak perahu blh u-turn, terlajak klik, x blh undo... ( err... maaf je ckgu2 n bakal2 ckgu bm, saya dah modified proverb ni...)

what should i do now?? huwaa!!
ur clumsiness dah terbawa2 ke alam maya plak dah...!

Thursday, 15 September 2011

i think this way...

alhamdulillah... safe journey home.. since tomorrow is a public holly, going back home is a must!!! haha..

last nite, majlis penutup bulan kemerdekaan was held at our tanjung hall... i was quite bengang coz we had to wear formal dat nite... wearing baju kurung at nite? wth! 

but dat was just my first thought... actually, it was so much fun!! i luv every single moment i was there... the food... marvelous!! i was thinking - ni majlis merdeka ke majlis raya?? huhu..

ade le gambo ckit tok kome...

love this pic!!! - dash, chan, thevika n me...

pinky during a rainy nite?? watever...baju tu best... aku amek je lahh.. hak3..

drama muzikal yg dyorg tayang last nite siyes lawak!!! but meanigful... huhu.. credit to those abg2 n kakak2 who prepared it.. they have put a lot of effort..

merdekakah aku?? physically maybe yes, but mentally??
atau aku masih dijajah? 

how a teacher trainee should behave? how are we supposed to carry ourselves in society? is it true dat teachers own the persona dat nobody else have? do i already have dat persona?

p/s : owh, i luv to share my experience participating in national merdeka celebration back in 2008.. korg mesti terkejut punye lahh!!! haha... let me selongkar all those files for the pictures yaa ..

gud day, kawan2! utk yg involve for tomorrow's big national event ( my juniors n friends of K units), chayok! chayok!

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

day 5 - 10 wishes

before i get back to work, let me post this first.. ( kunun rajin lahh )
my 10 wishes - attention! wishes ini adalah berdasarkan keadaan semasa saya,k...

1. gud day, sume
2. happy eid!!! ( still not too late to wish,rite?)
3. i wish i could fly back to my school years.. ( more fun than now )
4. i wish all my problems lari jauh2 from me..
5. i wish i'm not this fragile
6. i wish i could smile to everyone everyday - a sincere smile
7. i wish my dad will get well soon ( his fever i mean )
8. i wish i could left behind my bad habits
9. i wish everyone i love will have a contented life with ur love one
10. happy19th birthday to MEOR MUHD AZRIN.. kebetulan jerr..

when its rain, my eyes become heavier... n heavier... n suddenly i'm in a different place...n when i wake up, its another place... i luv to b in fantasy but reality is the truth one that i hv to face everyday.. i must enjoy every single moment in my life.. it teaches me to be independent, become more mature, learn how to accept people's opinion, be friend to everyone n the most important thing is i learn how to love everyone and everything around me.... if they could accept me just the way i am, y cant i do the same???

k, see yaa!!! ^^

an unexpected tomorrow..

salam.. i'm trying hard to finish my nasi goreng sotong + telur dadar rite nw.. haha.. my classmates know how difficult for me to finish my meal... rite,kawan2?? hihiihi...

detail : 13.09.2011  , 2.30pm
location : bilik kuliah 78, blok siantan
situation : it was 2.30 in d evening.... the hot sun didnt pity me at all who was just woke up from sleep... i walked as fast as i could to d class... econ...econ... ( dlm hati...haha) . eihhh!! payah beno nk speaking! switch back to malay... masuk2 je clas, i saw this

1. .......
2. ........
3. .......
4. .........
5. ........
6. UMI

Aduhhh!!! lemah lutut beb...!! baru egt nk rileks2 tonite... sekali nmpak nama sndiri kt whiteboard daa.....
d title of d forum would be ONLINE DATING.. 
so, aku pun cepat2 la cop nk jd counselor.. budget dpt point yg senang la... hek3..
so, anyone who has suggestions n points, share la wehhhh..... huhu

ohh! btw.. request from a friend of mine..
here u go..d lyrics of menikahlah denganku ( lagu blog nihh )


Sekian lama kita bersama 
Arungi lautan asmara 
Tak pernah henti untuk selalu mencintai
Berdua kita jalani 
Kisah cinta yang penuh cerita 
Suka dan duka t’lah kita lalui bersama
Aku sayang kamu 
Aku cinta kamu 
Bersandarlah di pelukku 
dan janganlah engkau ragu 
Ku kan s’lalu menjagamu 
hingga di ujung waktumu 
tataplah mataku dengarkanlah bibirku bicara 
terucap satu janji tuk mengikat kita slamanya 
hanya satu pintaku
menikahlah denganku

p/s : enjoy yaa ^^

Monday, 12 September 2011

day 4 - 10 things i want to say to.... dia

10 things i wanna say to one person... ahah!!! i like dis one

1. hey, u!!!
2. go away!!
3. dun bullshit me laa!!
4. ko egt aku heran sgt dgn kau!
5. dun b too nice to me..
6. can i just walk away now??
7. yaa... dats it! fullstop...!
8. ........
9. ............
10. ............
cant say anything more... i'm too angry... too confuse.... too mad...of that person ( exaggerating.. lol)

p/s : please.... dun b too nice to me... u made me melt... n dats impossible!!!!

Sunday, 11 September 2011

i've got it..

ya.. insyaAllah..
i've got d answer..

terima kasih, Allah..
for showing me the path..
that i should walk into..

i'll wait...
for what will happen next..

please ya Allah.
stay by my side..
for me to depend on..
whenever i feel down
or if i overjoyed of something
which i shouldnt do..

mungkin ya.. mungkin tidak.. tapi siapa tahu apa yg diaturNya utk kita... itu rahsia Dia.. satu hari nnt kita akan tahu.. :)

p/s : saya suke go with the flow..hahaha

day 3 - 10 things i hate

salam.. here u go.. the list

1. cigarette smoke
2. cigarette smoke... again..
3. the smokers
4. late-comers
5. people with two faces ( talam dua muke la..i mean)
6. org yg lambat reply msg especially in emergency time
7. cats?? ( wahai pencinta haiwan, jgn marah saya...)
8. hospitals/ clinics
9. dia
10. ya... dia lagi

i hate that i love u so..... eheh!! dis one not included...rihanna je yg nyanyi.. haha
chow!! got work to do.. ^^


Friday, 9 September 2011

day 2 - 10 things i love

I LUV <3

  1. my money
  2. ohh... money again
  3. beg pink saye yg byk zip tu..
  4. my nokia 6700 slide 
  5. my dell notebook
  6. all my keychains
  7. my shoes...... sumpah ade byk!!
  8. my PATRICK
  9. my sleep time
  10. my daydream time
some more not stated here... huhu

Thursday, 8 September 2011

I <3 thursday!! haha...
wouldnt it fun if every thursday is like today??
so relaxing.... i sleep... sleep...and sleep.... in class... hahahaha
since i dun get enough sleep yesterday because i need to entertain my mr.a, so today i balas dendam laaa...

1st q of d challenge...


  1. a girl
  2. i suke gelak kuat2
  3. my food xkan prnah habis even i amek nasi ckit je pun..
  4. i dun eat vege n meat ( except for chicken n fish)
  5. an English teacher-to-be
  6. teringin jadi specky ( saje looking for trouble, kan)
  7. i luv purple
  8. but most of my things are pink.. dunno y..haha
  9. i gile kasut ( my classmates know this very well...)
  10. i anak manje my ayah
laa.. dah habes ke.... haha..

Wednesday, 7 September 2011


salam... adakah anda semua telah berjaya menanbah berat badan?? after putting all those nasi impit, ketupat, kuah kacang, rendang, lontong, laksa etc....... into ur small stomach? haha.. pity u, stomach.. referring to mine too actually... i still got my kueh raya here next to me... mane x naik berat badan... asyik mengunyah 24/7! haha.. 

so,. before i start spending time with my dear mr.A, coz i know he wont let me go unless i settle everything, so i wanna post this first. 

Day One : 
10 things about you
Day Two : 
10 things you love
Day Three : 
10 things you hate
Day Four : 
10 things you want to say to one person
Day Five : 
10 wishes
Day Six : 
10 items you can't live without
Day Seven : 
10 important people
Day Eight : 
10 of your favourite songs
Day Nine : 
10 ways to win your heart
Day Ten : 
10 final words

so, doakan la aku rajin yerr... not sure i will update it daily coz it is super duper hard to spend time with dis thing.. well, u know... my mr.a... hahaha..

k, chow kawan2
ohh! btw, my dear mr.a send his regard to u all...

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

i assume this as a challenge...!!
lets see how long i could withstand 'it'....
like forever, maybe.....

no... it wont b that long...
i'm not that strong...
most of the time i prefer to 'obey' my heart...

arghhh!!! persetankan itu semua!!!
just wait for the result...
ade aku kesah?????

p/s : police station?? me?? kenapakah??

Sunday, 4 September 2011

eid part 3

first of all, no pic for this entry.. hihi

saturday, 5th Syawal.. i wont forget dis gathering..haha.. a lot of wat-the-fish incident occured! ngeh3..

members of "beraya" session 2011 version :
- muhd nizammudin b sukiar ( leader ).. konon2 lahh..
- mohd fahmi b sazali
- ahmad kamil b mohd yunus
-nor umairah bt ahmad jamhari
- afiqah bt baharudin
- farah farhana bt abdul hanif
- noor amira bt isra

nk emotional ckit.. actually, mereka2 yg being mentioned aboved dah nk dkt smpai umah cikgu fatma ( ckgu math skola rendah) but then they were willing to patah balik n fetch me!!! siyes terharu..... dyorg mmg dah nk dkt smpai kot kt umah tu.. i had to cancel to join them because of certain reasons n they said its ok... then, one of them called me :

dia : mi, kteorg da nk smpai umah ckgu ni...
aku : alaa, nk ikut....
dia : td kate x dpt join.. problem dah settle ke?
aku : haah.. bru je smpai umah ni... weh, aku nk ikut....
dia : btl ni? kteorg pusing blk amek ko ye...
aku : siyes?? ok2! aku siap!! 

i could hear kamil's voice from the back ok.... riuh glerr kete tuhh.. haha

we spent lotsss of time at cikgu's house... then, bermulalah flashback kisah2 dahulukala saat kami masih budak2 hingusan yg nakal2 nk mati sumenye...terms like A-LEMAS, ROTI CANAI, CERMIN MATA.. sume keluar.. kes si polan yg merajuk xmao g skola, kes anak si polan yg degil, kes mak si polan serang cikgu si polan kt sekolah n byk lgi......... memory ckgu sgt kuat... die mention name ckgu sape ntah n said " hishh.. die ajor kamu semua mase drjah 4, kamu x egt??". masing2 garu kepala... WUJUDKAH CIKGU ITU??? 

next destination was tcer ros's house.. ok! siyes umah dye cun glerrr... n cheese cake yg kak syida buat tu sedap glerrr... hahahaha... time ni shy2 cat coz tcer's husband was there sitting together with us.. fahmi nk buat lawak bodoh pun segan.. hek3

last destination was d most adventurous one!! kes menghabeskan minyak kete berrlaku di sini.. we were supposed to go to aida's house at kg banjar but encik nizammudin bwk kami smpai ke kg selaba kj nuunnn.. bengang x bengang??!! haha... we ate under rambutan tree ok!!!!! siyes bes!!!! even though dok tgh panas terik matahari tegak atas kepala time tuhh... pekena nasi panas, rendang udang, masak lemak ikan masin, air sirap sejuk, sambal belacan... ape lg nk?? huhu.... mmg finger licking good r....! terbaekkk...

mcm2 persoalan yg timbul tanpa sebarang jawapan yg konkrit!! haha... wahhh, ayat aku...
antara soaln2nye adalah...

aida : die bengang gler dgn ...... mase tu
kamil : ape masalah die suke ati je ....... ank org?
umi : hah? die ckp kt ko die nmpak muke ...... mase ....... budak tu?? glerr ahhh
farah : apsal aku x tau cite ni wehh??
fahmi : sape yg ......... sape nih??
mira : kite pun x tau la cite sebenornye...... dgr2 korg citer je la pun..
fiqah : heboh satu sekolah kot!!! ade tanda kot.. hishh! korg ni trtinggal jet btl!!!
umi : ko ni kamil... budget focus upsr r mase tu? lgsg x tau cite... konon study r?? hahaha
kamil : aku kan pelajar cemerlang..... x mcm korg! gosip je keje...
umi : wehhh... mcm kteorg ni bukan stok 5A jerr...
fahmi : krog ape tau?? aku dgn kamil study maut time tu tau x??

conversation ni berlangsung sambil mkn jambu air cicah sambal kicap......

pas dapat duet raye kami pun chow... penat glerr... girls blk ke runah msg2... boys g mane ntah meronggeng....

ptg tu.. maghrib.. d mcd...

sedang aku meng-drivethru d sana... terlihat kelibat 3 org jejaka sedang makan dgn lahapnye di dlm mcd.. aku pun call

umi : woii!! korg x blk2 lg?? dari td blm blk lg?
nizam : wooii!! ko kt ne? ko kt dlm mcd ke? mane ko? x nmpk pun!!
umi : aku drive thru lahh...
nizam : meh la mkn dgn kteorg ni... lg satu kerusi kosong sblh kamil ni haa... haha
umi : ah!!! xde keje aku nk join korg!! penat siot raye td!! dah la, bye!
nizam : haha.. korg mmg... x sporting..

maka,. berakhirlah journey kami beraya...
next year jmpe lg ye kawan2.....

<3 korg!! geng skola rendah... dari kecik sampai beso perangai same jerr

Saturday, 3 September 2011

eid part 2

hoyey!!! tomorrow going back to ipg... n i havent done my mr.A... what d fish... hahaha.. but still ade mood for new entry... eh! jap! bukan ke bru sat td hang post something, cik umi ooiii???!! buat2 lupe lahh...

4th Syawal..
activity : open house
location : farah fatin ahmad's house
time : err... supposed to be at 6...

pictures stolen from miss adilah a.k.a kecik without permission... kire halal la ... ni kan raye.. ^^

ainur syahidah, farah fatin, nurul fitri, c kecik huda, umairah
taken while waiting for shilop n ayu..
ok! sumpah penat tunggu dok luar..haha

aku mmg manje dgn atin... kan3??? hek3

these are only some of d pictures... nnt lala uni marah lau umi amek byk2.. haha
anyway, korg made up my day la kwan2!!! 
perut kenyang, gelak byk... kan3??
last2, meor muhd azrin smpai... sembang2 then terus gerak blk... already maghrib..
d other boys?? di manakah?? no commentss....

fitri n i silap timing lalu dpn surau time tgh azan.... kenapakah?? maluu....~

EID PART 3 coming soon tomorrow... this part plg best!!!!

p/s : i hate wearing helmet!! so, dun ask me to wear it no matter under what circumstances!!! hahaha

jiwa kacau ke???

entry abt my eid celebration will be continued later yaa.....hihi..

now, abt my big huge enormous gigantic problem!!! ( exaggeration again... )

i cant run away from this problem so called - CONFUSE!!!!

always feel dat way which cause me to feel like JIWA KACAU... u get wat i mean??

so, when i get confused of something, no matter its a small tiny problem between choosing A or B.. or as big n tall n gigantic like mount everest, i dunno how to make a decision... even a simple one... ok! look like i'm making a mountain out of a mole, rite?? suke besarkan masalah yg kecik cenonet........ haha

now i'm in dat stupid silly condition again... dah byk kali confuse abt dis matter and yet no decision has been made... i hv to made up my mind,rite?? but i couldnt.... hati kate lain, fikiran kate lain... mane aku x keliru!! i shouldnt feel dis way pun actually........ but.... dats it!!!! i cant made up my mind! 

i think i hv to learn how to made a concrite decision! without being influence by ANYONE or ANYBODY or ANYTHING around me...
for my own sake and d other side... for our sake...

p/s : sgt bes g beraya tadi.. even SESAT!!!

Thursday, 1 September 2011

eid part 1

happy eid everyone!! its already friday yet i'm still in holly mood....haha... assignmentss?? ahhh... forget it!
raya dis year biase2 jerr... plus, dis is our first year raya without embah so, sederhana je lahhh... cucu piatu aku tahun ni wehhh... ( ade ke cucu piatu??...hihi)..


tadaaa....! my ketupat!! muahaha


pagi raya's menu 
- ketupat
- rendang ayam
- kuah kacang
-kari udang
- ayam masak kicap
ni mase kt umah.. kt kampung byk lagi... muahahaha

my biggest enemy - HIM

i cant find a suitable tudung for dis baju!!!! frust glerrr kot...!!
hahaha... last2 pkai amek jerr..

adam, my mom n i.. ^^
i dunno wats wrong with adam...haha

mak ayah.. <3

ok.. caption ni mcm sengal ckit... hak3... 
aku dgn adik aku mmg suke merosakkan gmbar! haha

same x dyorg?? muahaha...

yg baju biru tu nyebok jerr.. hihi..

after salam2 nk mintak maaf n duet raya session, we headed to kampung... blk kg mak dis year... lepak umah embah...  we went to d graveyard first... ziarah kubur embah2.. ( pernah x jmpe a group of people going to graveyard with jubah hitam sumenye.. all black??) siyes scary wehhh..... jubah hitam pagi2 raya kt kubur?? naseb ramai org, lau x mmg dah ketaq lutut aku!! or mmg tu trend skang just aku yg x tau?? hmmm... blk kg ayah lak pastu.. ziarah n bersihkan kubur nenek2 kt sane lak..

then, g raye... n raye... n raye... without duet raya....!! haha... tp ok la, perut kenyang...

today is 4 Syawal... my duet raya : RM 250!! haha... i cn finish them in a blink of eyes lorhh.... ngeeee....

mak anjang : umi, nah ni... rm 50.. kongsi dgn adam
umi : divide 50-50 ke mak anjang?
mak anjang : suke ati kamu lahh...
umi : haha... umi 40, adam 10 lah... blh x??.
terase mcm jahat beno aku ni.....

2nd n 3rd Syawal full house.... adik-brdik ayah sume kt my house... bes la dgr org tua2 bercerita... especially when they speak in bahasa banjar... aku x reti ckp but i can understand ok...!! then, when sedara mak dtg lak, they speak jawa... same case, i cn understand but i cant speak... alaaa.... my cousins pun same... no matter sblah mak or ayah... 

irfan ; cik umi, irfan nk muzik tu!
umi : muzik?? amende tu?
irfan : tuuu... ( pointing to adam's guitar)
umi : ohh... tu gitar la irfan oii..
err.. cik umi stands for mkcik... tp xkan nk pggil aku mkcik so, cik umi kire ok lerr..

dah start open house lorhh! naek lg la berat aku...

k, enjoy ur raya!! salam ~
eid mubarak everyone

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