Friday, 16 September 2011

the reason...

what made u follow someone's blog?

- he/she is ur fren
- he/she is ur fren's fren/brother/sister
- he/she is ur fren's bf/.gf
-he/she is ur ex
-he/she is ur fren's ex
- he/she is in the same field of yours - same school, college, career n etc yg sewaktu dgnnye
- he/she is handsome/cute/beautiful/pretty
- his/her blog is really good - the content, relevant thought, interactive

hahaha... i asked myself this question too... coz i just follow someone i shouldnt!! stupid me! terlajak perahu blh u-turn, terlajak klik, x blh undo... ( err... maaf je ckgu2 n bakal2 ckgu bm, saya dah modified proverb ni...)

what should i do now?? huwaa!!
ur clumsiness dah terbawa2 ke alam maya plak dah...!

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