Saturday, 3 September 2011

jiwa kacau ke???

entry abt my eid celebration will be continued later yaa.....hihi..

now, abt my big huge enormous gigantic problem!!! ( exaggeration again... )

i cant run away from this problem so called - CONFUSE!!!!

always feel dat way which cause me to feel like JIWA KACAU... u get wat i mean??

so, when i get confused of something, no matter its a small tiny problem between choosing A or B.. or as big n tall n gigantic like mount everest, i dunno how to make a decision... even a simple one... ok! look like i'm making a mountain out of a mole, rite?? suke besarkan masalah yg kecik cenonet........ haha

now i'm in dat stupid silly condition again... dah byk kali confuse abt dis matter and yet no decision has been made... i hv to made up my mind,rite?? but i couldnt.... hati kate lain, fikiran kate lain... mane aku x keliru!! i shouldnt feel dis way pun actually........ but.... dats it!!!! i cant made up my mind! 

i think i hv to learn how to made a concrite decision! without being influence by ANYONE or ANYBODY or ANYTHING around me...
for my own sake and d other side... for our sake...

p/s : sgt bes g beraya tadi.. even SESAT!!!

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