Tuesday, 13 September 2011

day 5 - 10 wishes

before i get back to work, let me post this first.. ( kunun rajin lahh )
my 10 wishes - attention! wishes ini adalah berdasarkan keadaan semasa saya,k...

1. gud day, sume
2. happy eid!!! ( still not too late to wish,rite?)
3. i wish i could fly back to my school years.. ( more fun than now )
4. i wish all my problems lari jauh2 from me..
5. i wish i'm not this fragile
6. i wish i could smile to everyone everyday - a sincere smile
7. i wish my dad will get well soon ( his fever i mean )
8. i wish i could left behind my bad habits
9. i wish everyone i love will have a contented life with ur love one
10. happy19th birthday to MEOR MUHD AZRIN.. kebetulan jerr..

when its rain, my eyes become heavier... n heavier... n suddenly i'm in a different place...n when i wake up, its another place... i luv to b in fantasy but reality is the truth one that i hv to face everyday.. i must enjoy every single moment in my life.. it teaches me to be independent, become more mature, learn how to accept people's opinion, be friend to everyone n the most important thing is i learn how to love....to love everyone and everything around me.... if they could accept me just the way i am, y cant i do the same???

k, see yaa!!! ^^


huSniDila said...

sokong no.3 ! !
i want my school ! !

umairah^_^ said...


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