Wednesday, 23 May 2012

It's Officially Over


alhamdulillah, the exam fever is finally over...
its the time to lepak-ing with family and friends before new sem starts... hehe
ooiii, kawan2 sekolahku\, ade sape2 blk ke cuti sekolah ni??? hahahaaa..... aku perlukan korg utk hilangkan kebosanan aku nnt.. 

generally, the exam is quite ok for me... some papers made me writing and thinking non stop like hell... since the TESL papers have been cut off from 3 hours to 2 hours and 30 minutes, i had to rush like 140km per hour to finish the essay part especially... damnnn dat was so tiring ok!! philosophy paper was the worst... i dunno what i wrote on the paper, plus with tulisan like cakar ayam.... hopefully my lecturer will be able to read my writing!! bhahahaaa...

haha... exactly what i'm feeling rite now.... ngeh3..

so, to all my K13 friends, selamat pulang ke kampung anda!! be careful and take care of urself wherever u r... huhu... time flies, huh... cpt je da hbs 1 sem... hehe


Thursday, 17 May 2012

haven't been writing here for quite a long time huh...? lazy symptom is back i guess..

just wanna share a video.. a very inspiring one.. of how a great,strong-hearted  mom raising her handsome special boy... reminds me of my mother :)

prepare tissue please....

who cares what others think.. he's adorable with his beautiful smiles...

ingatlah, setiap apa yg Allah berikan pasti ada hikmahnya :) mungkin kita x nampak sekarang tapi satu hari nanti,InsyaAllah..

parents' love are the most powerful weapon... :)

sayaaaaannnngggggg mak dgn ayah <3

Friday, 11 May 2012



yup... true indeed..
karaoke-ing from 5 till 7 kt kedai artis... terrbaekk... hahas
dpt markah test linguistics ari tu... aduhhh... tension aku!!! grrrr...

p/s : exammmm!!!

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Maggi di Tengah Hutan =P


it had been more than a week i came back from Pulau Pangkor for my BIG task.. since i already got the pictures, oh tq to Ah Chan, Kayun n Fahmi... lets take a look.. the sun-tanned K13.. haha

at jetty.. waited like a thousand year for the ferry.. 

go izzat go!! berat tu benda yg depa bwk.. fasiz tukang jaga alat pembesar suare tu.. hehe

LDK.. Mark n Yusman
we were ask to urut our partner.. haha..

we were assigned to prepare dinner during our second day kot.. hehe.. 
ada sayur kangkung, ikan msk merah n udang.. yummm yummm... 

oh my... jungle trekking....  we took ages to start the fire.. some of them tried so hard to start the fire while the others helped to look for woods and so on.. oh, we made our own chopsticks too!! n we cooked maggie in the jungle.. hehe.. sedap rupenye bile mkn ramai2...  credit to miss jen who is 'sporting' enough to join us too..

i should look at jim ast this moment... kelakar dowh muke die... but i prefer to look at the maggie.. hehehe...

malam kebudayaan..
loceng... loceng berbunyi... mase utk pg kelass... ( ikut cara wonderpet nyanyi ye..hehe)

our final day in Pangkor... finally it's over.....

fasa 1 BIG is over.. what will we do next sem?? jeng..jeng..jeng..

jom bace buku!!!! errr..

Thursday, 3 May 2012

After All...

harap maklum.. ini bukan heart matter #3.. kah3..

sometimes when we already decide, yet things happen and there's no way out

now and then, are different.....

people change, feelings change, we ourselves change without we even notice about it.. i thought i already forget it but hmmm.... no i think..

having Him, The Almighty, i wish i can be a strong girl.. like i always be, InsyaAllah :)

exam is around the corner and Umairah...!!! why r u still in front of the lappy??? do ur reading now!! u hv The Return, Village by The Sea, a lot of plays to read, memorise the whole book of Child Development and Philosophy of Education!!!!!! ( cmni la mak aku akan membebel.. hasha) 

p/s : watching King Lear by the juniors reminds me of Bollywood' Macbeth by us last year..ahh.. cant stop myself from comparing theirs with ours.. hahaha
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