Friday, 30 March 2012

the 20th birthday


today i'm 20 years and 2 days... eceeehhhh poyo je!

to beloved K13 tq so much yaa...
belated birthday to Sia the Lion and Marry Si Bulat too!!! hehehe...kakak2 aku ni wehh

here's the pictures bebeyhh...!!


i wander why everyone seemed to be busy with their phone..haha


the birthday girlssss.....hehehe...

ni baru comot sikit ye.... ade yg lebih extreme coming in a short while..haha

for example,

mr jabar

cik miraa

abe we

hahahhaha.... mmg extreme la ktoerg mlm tu..
lps ru extreme la jgk mengemas n mencuci blk..siap mop lg tu.. kalo mkcik kafe bising xtau la nk ckp ape.... ngeh3..

tq K13 belikan cake n celebrate for me, mary n sia.. OHSEMMM k13

tq chan traet me marrybrown

tq jabar.. d first one to wish on 27th

tq wan n jim treat me waffle

tq izzat treat me ice- cream

tq rumet bought me chocolate

tq maya bought me angry bird cake

tq kayun for the keychain n birthday sticky note

tq semua yg wish

tq to all...!!
kawan2 aku mmg semua awesome gilerrrr

perasan x semua org2 di atas hadiahkan makanan utk aku?? hahahaa... motif??

SBE, i'm coming!!!

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Welcoming 20^^

Happy Birthday!!!!!............

umairah is officially 20 today..
(ada apa dengan angka??) ayat menyedapkan hati..

bila dah 20 ni, pandai2 la bawak diri, be mature, dunia bukan lg utk huuuhaaa semata2.. pandang ke depan n keep on moving.. 

K13, tq for the party yesterday nite... 
tq belikan cake...
tq for the 'drama' ...
tq utk cream cake yg korg tonyoh kt muke aku...
tq rumet and Maya  for d chocolate n d angry bird cake..
tq mak n ayah sbb wish pagi2 walaupun tu time tido..hahaha... hadiah tunggu umi blk jumaat ni ye...
tq utk kwn2 lain yg wish..

pics coming soon

tq for everything!!!!
sayaaaaaannnng korg <3

Syawal Si Abang Hensem , Hafiz Si Penakut


okeyhh! i cant take it anymore... SBE portfolio, please stay away from me!! shushhhh shushhh...!! p main jaoh2!! 

while i was searching for pictures to be inserted in Child Development task for SBE,  i cant stop smiling looking at these two naughty boys!!!
my class turned chaotic because of this two boys!!

his name is Syawal.. when i asked him what was his name, he quickly said,
"kakak panggil saya abang hensem......" dgn gaya yg sgt x leh bla.......
mmg la aku rase nk gelak guling2 masa tu.... but i need to behave.. i'm a teacher rite... hehe

he was a Year 5 student and according to my father, there was a night some boys stayed in our house for a night as the next day they were going to have a volleyball competition.. n he was one of them... n he was the one who gave a headache to my mom coz he accidentally tertumpahkan a cup of hot tea.. n guess what?? all of these boys slept at 3am together with my brother because they played video game!!!!!!! n the next day after Subuh, my father woke them up and Syawal said "Cikgu, mata saya x blh bukak la"..... 

rupenye mmg btl la si syawal ni nakal budaknye once i met him in person... but being a humble person, he respect me as his teacher... haha (ayat bangga siot)

he has a beautiful voice!! seriously..... that afternoon, we were setting up the hall for Parents-Teacher Association meeting, n he purposely turn on the microphone and started to sing... n his voice was marvcelous!!! he sang Suci Dalam Debu.. gilerr sedap suare budak ni! then he asked me to join him on the stage.. wahhhh....
ok!!! we karaoke in school!!!! aku nyanyi separuh jln je pastu cpt2 turun... naya kalo ayah aku nmpak!! hek3... this karaoke activity is definitely not going into my reflection for SBE portfolio...kah3...

the next naughty face goes to....

si comel Hafiz

such a cute face........ tapi penakut ya amat.......!!!
we were watching a ghost story in audio room ( aku mmg awal2 menyelinap masuk bilik ni lepas tu budak ni nampak aku last2 dia join sekaki..ape pny cikgu daa...) then suddenyl hantu 2 muncul tbe2 menerkam ke arah camera... menggelejat budak ni menyorok bawah meja!!!
being me yg mmg penakut nk mampos ni, mmg aku menjerit la mase hantu tu keluar tp x sangka la plak si hafiz ni lg tinggi tahap penakutnye compared to me....... hahaaha...
"teacher, hantu tu dah pegi blm? saya takut..." mmg terserlah muke takut die masa tu... last2 aku tukar pasang cite lain.. kesian pulak.. hehehehe....

kita berkenalan hanya dalam laman muka buku
kau hantar buku-buku untuk aku baca buku oooo...oooo...

-syawal's version of cinta muka buku-

Saturday, 24 March 2012


smpai ati rumet aku pasang lagu sedih2... makin sedih aku.. hak3

cry is a good therapy for our heart and soul..
so dun feel shy to cry..

coz me myself feels like wanna cry/...... huwaaaaa!!!!!!!
x semangat aku nk countdown birthday kalau mcm ni la hidup aku :(

p/s ; kawan mmg senang nk cari.. bersepah kt tepi jalan tu haa...!! tp nk cari kawan yg btl2 blh dibuat kawan susah senang, mungkin x ramai.. tp tetap ada.. :) <3

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

When I Saw The Picture......

u never talk to me before..

because i hv nothing to say..hehe

u can be a good companion for me.. i hv no one to talk to here except ur kak ayang..  

that's y u must learn how to speak in Malay!! then u can chitchat with everyone here..

i know Apa Khabar..

Apa Khabar is not enough, Mr Barry...we can teach u how to speak in Malay.. as long as we r paid......kah3..

no worry..i'll increase ur duit raya! n i'll buy u ur favourite chocolate from Harrods ( harrods ke? aku pun x egt nama tmpat tu..ahakzs) everytime i come back to Malaysia

ok,it's a deal..



n he never broke his promise..  our duit raya keep increasing each year although our ages are kind of "tidak layak dpt duet raya byk2".. kah3.. 
cucu-cucu Hj Daud mmg pandai kenekan org..hahahaha (abg2 n kakak2 aku yg ajar aku jd pembuli..muahaha)

get back to work!!!

p/s ; congratulations to my dearest cousin for ur SPM result.. kakak  proud of u dear.. despite all the difficulties u faced.. make ur mom proud of u, k...  ;) apply maktab lah lepas ni... ikut kakak... hehehe

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

A Beautiful Love Story ;)

Ya Allah, i cant stop my tears from rolling down my cheeks.. i cant stop crying while reading this great love story..  to love Islam deeply and to love her husband so much like her.. 

Love story between Zainab bint Muhammad (PBUH) and Abu El'Ass ibn Rabee 

El'Ass, was Khadeeja's (RA) nephew. He was one of the nobles of the Quraish, and the Prophet (SAW) loved him very much.

One day Abu El'Ass went to the Prophet (SAW) before he had received his mission of Prophethood and said: "I want to marry your eldest daughter". So the Prophet replied: "I must ask her first". He (SAW) went to Zainab and asked her: "Your cousin came to me and he wishes to marry you, do you accept him as your husband?" Her face turned red with bashfulness and she smiled.

So Zainab married Abu El'Ass, the beginning of a great love story. They had two children; Ali and Omama.

Then Muhammad became a Prophet while Abu El'Ass was away from Makkah. Abu El'Ass returned to find his wife a Muslim. When he first came back, his wife said "I have great news for you". He stood up and left her. Zainab was surprised and followed him as she said, "My father became a Prophet and I have become a Muslim". He replied, "Why didn't you tell me first?" Hence a big problem began between the two; a problem of religion and belief

She told him, "I wasn't going to disbelieve in my father and his message, he is not a liar, and he is "The Honest and Trustworthy". I'm not the only believer; my mother and my sisters became Muslims, my cousin Ali ibn Abi Taleb became a Muslim, your cousin Othman ibn Affan became a Muslim, and your friend, Abu Bakr, became a Muslim". 

He replied, "Well, as for me, I don't want people to say, 'he let down his people and his forefathers to please his wife'. And I am not accusing your father of anything". Then he said, "So will you excuse me and understand?" She replied, "Who will excuse and understand you if I don't? I will stay beside you and help you until you reach the truth." And she kept her word for 20 years

Abu El'Ass remained an unbeliever, and then came the migration. Zainab went to her father and asked him for the permission to stay with her husband. The Prophet (SAW) replied, "Stay with your husband and children". 

So Zainab stayed in Makkah, until the battle of Badr occurred. Abu El'Ass was to fight in the army of Quraish against the Muslims. For Zainab, it meant that her husband will be fighting her father, a time Zainab had always feared. She kept crying out: "O Allah, I fear one day the sun may rise and my children become orphans or I lose my father". 

So the battle started, and ended in victory for the Muslims. Abu El'Ass was captured by the Muslims, and news of this reached Makkah. Zainab asked, "What did my father do?" They told her, "The Muslims won". So she prayed to Allah, thanking Him. Then she asked: "What did my husband do?" They said: "He was captured". She said, "I'll send a payment to release him". She didn't own anything of much value, so she took off her mother's necklace, and sent it with Abu El'Ass's brother to the Prophet. 

While the Prophet (SAW) was sitting, taking payments and releasing captives, he saw Khadeeja's necklace. He held it up and asked: "Whose payment is this?" They said: "Abu El'Ass ibn Rabee". He cried and said "This is Khadeeja's necklace". As soon as the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) saw that necklace, he had a feeling of extreme compassion and his heart palpitated for the great memory. The Companions who were present there gazed in amazement having being captivated by the magnificence of the situation. 

After a long silence, the Messenger of Allah (SAW) stood up and said "People, this man is my in-law, should I release him? And do you accept the return of this necklace to my daughter?" They answered in unison "Yes, Messenger of Allah". 

The Prophet (SAW) gave the necklace to Abu El'Ass and said to him: "Tell Zainab not to give away Khadeeja's necklace". Then he (SAW) said, "Abu El'Ass, Can we speak privately?" He took him aside and said, "Allah has ordered me to separate between a Muslim and a disbeliever, so could you return my daughter to me?" Abu El'Ass reluctantly agreed. 

Zainab stood on the gates of Makkah waiting for the arrival of Abu El'Ass. When he finally came he said, "I am going away". She asked, "Where to?" He replied, "It is not me who is going, it is you. You are going to your father. We must separate because you are a Muslim". She implored him, "Will you become a Muslim and come with me?" But he refused

So Zainab took her son and daughter and traveled to Madinah, and for 6 years she refused to remarry, hoping that one day Abu El'Ass would come. 

After 6 years, Abu El'Ass was traveling in a caravan from Makkah to Syria. During the journey, he was intercepted by some of the Prophet's companions. He escaped and asked for Zainab's home. He knocked on her door shortly before the dawn prayer. She opened the door and asked him "Did you become a Muslim?" He whispered "No, I come as a fugitive". She implored him once more "Can you become a Muslim?" Again his answer was a negative. "Do not worry." She said, "Welcome my cousin, welcome, the father of Ali and Omama". 

After the Prophet (SAW) prayed the dawn prayer in congregation with the people, they heard a voice from the back of the mosque, "I have freed Abu El'Ass ibn Rabee". Zainab had granted Abu El'Ass' freedom. The Prophet (SAW)asked, "Have you heard what I heard?" They all said, "Yes, Messenger of Allah". Zainab said, "He is my cousin and the father of my children and I have freed him". The Prophet (SAW) stood up and said, "O people, I declare that this man was a very good son-in-law, he never broke his promise, and neither did he tell lies. So if you accept, I will return his money back and let him go. If you refuse it's your decision and I will not blame you for it." The companions agreed, "We will give him his money". So the Prophet (SAW) said to Zainab, "We have freed the one you have freed, O Zainab." Then he (SAW) went to her and told her "be generous to him, he is your cousin and the father of your children, but don't let him get near you, he is prohibited for you." She replied, "Sure, father, I'll do as you say". 

She went in and told her husband, "O Abu El'Ass, didn't you miss us at all? Won't you become a Muslim and stay with us?" But he refused. Abu El'Ass then took the money and returned to Makkah. Once he returned he stood up and announced, "O people, here is your money. Is there anything left?" They replied, "No, Abu El'Ass, there is nothing left, thanks a lot." So Abu El'Ass said, "I testify that there is no god but Allah, and Muhammed is His Messenger." Then he went back to Madinah and ran to the Prophet (SAW) as he said, "Dear Prophet, you freed me yesterday, and today I say that I testify there is no god but Allah and you are His Messenger." He asked the Prophet, "Will you give me the permission to go back to Zainab?" The Prophet (SAW) smiled and said, "Come with me"; he took him to Zainab's house and knocked on her door. The Prophet (SAW) said, "O Zainab, your cousin came to me and asked if he can return to you". Just like 20 years before, her face turned red with bashfulness and she smiled. 

The sad thing was, a year after this incident, Zainab died. Abu El'Ass shed hot tears because of her death and drove those who were around him to tears. The Messenger of Allah (SAW) came with eyes full of tears and a heart full of sorrow. Zainab's death reminded him of the death of his wife, Khadeejah. He told the women, who gathered around Zainab's corpse, "Wash her three times and use camphor in the third wash." He performed funeral prayers on her and followed her final resting place. Abu El'Ass returned to his children, Ali and Omama. Kissing them and wetting them with his tears, he remembered the face of his departed darling. 

May Allah be pleased with Zainab, the Prophet's daughter! May He reward her with Paradise for her patience, endurance and struggle! 

Abu El'Ass would cry so profusely that the people saw the Prophet himself weeping and calming him down. Abu El'Ass would say, "By 
Allah, I can't stand life anymore without Zainab". He died one year after Zainab's death.

taken from here

she's a strong woman indeed just like her mother...  ok! still wiping my tears now.. that's why i dun like crying..

p/s : kenapa ye? feels weird...hmmm..

Monday, 19 March 2012

Friday, 16 March 2012

Back in 2008^^

yup.. according to the title..i'm not sure if it's really 2009 or what..haha

i was mentally tired doing the assignment just now so.. KRINGGGG!!!!! recces time, students!!
excited jd teacher le tu....kah3..

so, back to the story! as far as i could remember, this kenduri kahwin of Kak Ayang n Abg Barry (duhh..i never ever call him abg before and i dun think i will!!) was during my form 4.. and my math is not so good so after kira2 tambah tolak darab bahagi, i think it was 2008... (big possibility utk salah kira)..

 it was held at Mak Ngah's house, my dad's sister n the theme was blue n i was totally OUT coz i wore orange! muahahahaaa...n since i already joined khatam quran ceremony two years before that when Kak Awi married so that time Mak Ngah had to find her other someone else for khatam quran ceremony... Abg Faris n I cuma mampu tersenyum coz kteorg dah "selamat' dulu..ngeh3

since it was like 4 years ago, so our faces were all 4 years younger than now!!kah3... mom, dad, uncles, aunties, kakak2, abg2 n ME, please face the fact!

presenting.....pengapit bidan terjun... Kak Hera n Angah..clap30x.... x tipu, mmg nmpak klakar...hehe

ignore my silly face... aku tgh sedap2 mkn, ade ke patut pakcik tu amek gambo!! ceytt!!

haha.. ayah pose mcm guru beso!! muahaha... 

once again, it was 2008..........................

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

another day is about to come to an end..


at least for tonight..

i need fresh air
keep faith in u, umairah...

yaa.. sometimes reality sucks, but reality teach u a lot..that's the fact!

i need moviesssss

Monday, 12 March 2012

Too Bad..........


good morning...

feel like wanna do d assignments...


u know me..

feels lazy..

feels like "ahh, still got tomorrow meyh..i can burn midnite oil later"

when i opened the book,

"damnnn..what's these??? i dun understand!"

then i closed it back

and ended up......

watching movies in my laptop

when people ask, "hey, how's life?"

i said " yeah, good!"

in my heart i said, "damnnn... life's sucks mannnnn... when u dun even know how to start ur assignments and u keep wandering around like nothing to do but actually u have so much thing to settle and u shouldnt just sit back goyang kaki doing nothing"

when u know time is running out and u do nothing to make use of it

kakak miss korg la

yeahh!! assignments, here i come!!!!!!
umi, chayok!!!

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Good Morning, Teacher!~/SBE PART 2


day two, three and four of my SBE went very well i supposed.. :)
since i was like pusing-pusing-tengok-tengok-tak-tau-nak-buat-ape for the whole day,
on the second day i brought along my laptop.. huhu..the wifi is A++++ wa cakap lu...
my previous two entries were publish freshly dari ladang SK KG TUKANG ni sekolah kecik je... students pun sikit... but it was fun...


7.30 before their exam started.. 

i was walking to the office when a standard 2 student greeted me..Good morning, teacher.... hoho.. first time in my life, someone saying that to me... and i was like... STUNTED!! yaa... terharu kot.... then i smiled at her back. Good morning, Najihah... sempat usha nametag die.. hehe... then she walked away to her class ( eh! dia lari, bukan jln).. weh, teacher tu tau nama kita laa... erkk! dia p cite kt classmates die.. hehehe....

day 3

snapping pics time!! a girl from standard 4 accompanied me this time... oh! sepanjang aku kt sini, i entered standard 4.5, and 6 classess.. these kids called me kakak instead of teacher.. only standard 1-3 yang called me teacher.. hehehehe... mcm ade 2 identiti plak!

preschool class... 

tadaaa!! si nakal yg x padan dgn kecik..
bile aku ckp, "cepat senyum, teacxher nk ambik gambar ni!"  terus die buat aksi ni... hek3..
"mana gigi adik?"
"ibu ckp semut mkn gigi saya sbb saya suka mkn gula-gula"
"iye? lepas ni jgn mkn gula-gula tau.. nnt gigi yg baru x nk tumbuh.. "
"sampai besar xde gigi?"
"ye la.. sbb gula-gula blh buat gigi rosak"
"xpe lah, nnt balik saya pakai gigi opah la.. opah ade byk gigi!!"
and i dunno what else to say..... budak ni mmg buat aku terdiam..

fish pond.. cantik sgt.. 

standard one students.. reading time

a lot more to go.. a lot more to tell... sambung on the next post yaa..

what happened duringmy last day at this school???
bila pegi sekolah pakai selipar, maksudnya air naik!!! 

wehhh.....sekolah aku banjir!!!!!

post berikutnya ya...
-ade bot kt parking skolah-
(my next post's title..bhahahaa)

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Blogging at School is Awesome!!!!!!

x ape kalau kita x pandai mcm org lain..
asalkan budi pekerti, sopan santun kite A+++...

x ape kalau org lain kaya, pakai baju cantik-cantik, duduk rumah besar2.
x ape kakau kita x rase semua tu,
asalkan kita sunguuh-sunnguh nk belajat..
sbb usaha tu penting...

baju korg dah x putih mcm org lain,
kasut korg dah berlubang,
beg korg x bertukar tiap2 tahun,
itu semua belakang kira...
asalkan korg rajin, baik, hormat cikgu,
isyaAllah.. korg pun blh berjaya mcm org lain...

sape ckp budak kampung comot2? low standard? outdated??
HELLOOOO......tlg la bukak minda tu ckit!
 tgk muke dyorg yg innocent ni, comel2.. 
dyorg dtg sekolah kemas giler kot..!!
yg lelaki rambut belah tepi (rambut pembaris..hehe), rambut berkilat-kilat sbb effect minyak rambut.. kah3... glerr skema.. 
tunggu la ble da skolah mngah kang, pacak2 la rmbut korg.. confirm!!!

fuyooo....... aku update blog 2 kali kot hari ni...!! cukup utk mmbuktikan aku rileks kt sini... kah3... xkan la setiap masa nk msk class kot kan... 
sehari satu class shj.. hehe..
nk kutip2 info lagi, nk snap pics lg... huhu

dah2!! nk g merayap lg.... haha...

p/s: bahagianya kalau wifi kt maktab aku sehebat dan sepantas kt sekolah ni.... egt sekolah kt ceruk kampung mcm ni xde line internet ke hah?? muahahahaa

"Eh, ada cikgu baru lah!" /SBE PART 1

blogging from staffroom!!! hooyeyyyhhh......

first day :
damnnn!! so nervous meyhhh...... i didnt say a word in the car... kah3.. i felt stomachache, felt like vomiting, n blablabla... nervous-syndrome has come!!!
oh. btw.. normally my father goes to school around 6.45 am coz the school is soooo far from home... 20km something i guess... but because of ME, yes! for the first time in history, only at 7 something keluar rumah... huh! dgn jln jam lagi......... patutlah bapak aku suke pg awal x payah nk redah jam gini teruk!! 

stepping out from the car... ohhh... they are sooooo adorable..... comey2 kecik2 halus2 je sume...... oh, they stared at me like "something".. huh!! aku lak yg segan (menyampah!!).  skolah ni comel jerr... sekolah kampung kan.... tp cntik di mata... huhu... ok! meredah bendang yg hijau cunnnnn glerrr. nmpak matahari tewrsipu-sipu nk keluar dri lereng bukit....... damnnnn!!!! best glerrrr tmpat ni wehhh..... hihihihi

a boy shouting from his place in the class.... eh, ada cikgu baru lahhh......
huh! merentap tangkai jantungku yg sememangnya tgh berdegup sejuta kali per minute at that time....
 dik, kakak blm jadi cikgu lagi, dik.... kakak dtg ni sbb kene buat assignment, dik (cuma mampu berkata dlm hati saja)... cikgu2 kt sini ohsemmmmm lahhh..... senang cite, life here is relaxing... 

since it's exam week, so nothing much to do... wandering around... oh! i was asked to jaga budak2 exam...... heaven lahh..... rilex je budak2 tu main baling pencil lah, buat kapal terbang kertas lah... haha... aku pun cmtu gak dulu.... sebab dyorg budak standard 6, so easier for me to handle.. ckp sekali dah faham..... dibuatnye kene msk class standard 1, pengsen den......

so, first day went well.. the headmaster is so sempoi..... "umi duduk2 je kt sini." best lah cikgu!!!

p/s : day two coming soon..... although i'm like bingung-bingung about the portfolio and all those stuff i need to find, just put it aside first! enjoy the life of being a teacher celop here for a while..... oh God, i love those kids damn much!!!!!!!!!!1

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Seriously.. that angrybird is soooo nice!!

put aside the assignments thingy...


- sila tgk dlm keadaan kepala yg senget, harap maklum - 

amacam?? terror x aku?? kah3...

actually, aku tukang makan jerr.... 
Adilah yg buat... ade strawberry, angrybird, ladybird, n lain2...

terharu2... dpt ole2 dari kelantan sekali... hehehehe...

sepatutnya ade 2 angrybird tp satu aku dah telan sblm terfikir nk snap pictures.. haha...

hahahah... padan muke kau, angrybird! aku makan kau!!!!!


Thursday, 1 March 2012

Everything Mixed Up

time to pack!!
going back tomorrow for 2 weeks
1 week SBE(school-based experience) + 1 week holiday
excited? YES
nervous? YES
scared? YES

Today is ipg's sports day..
well, to be honest i came because i wanna eat... ( jujur glerr jawapan aku wehh)
even though i was orang-yg-susah-nak-jejak-padang type, but i turun today!!
perghhh... big achievement tuhh...

trying hard to remember how much i spent for food this morning.... hahaha.
spending our time chitchating here and there..
gossiping around.. well, u know girlsss.... hahahaaha

found this quote while waiting for my printing to finish...
(printer tu buat hal plak td... gundah-gulana my roomate and i..)

- harinisayatakhepisangattapisayasukaharini -

this evening i attend a briefing regarding SBE.. seriously i'm pissed off... hilang mood wooo.... 
sabar je lahh... kite tetap kene hormat org yg berdiri kt depan tu kan..( ayat sedapkan ati je ni..)

tp rasa bengang hilang when si bakal ustaz tersilap bace doa.. dia terbaca doa makan daaa... hehehehee... 

so, hopefully everything gonna be fun and exciting(sila bace dgn gaya k13 perform choral speaking back during sem 2 before)

kawan2, be careful and take care of urself yaa...
good luck for SBE and enjoy ur holiday!!!

p/s : eh, i have 3 assignments to be submitted exactly after holiday... inikah holiday yg dimaksudkan???

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