Monday, 29 October 2012

Final Exam vs Holiday Mood

haven't been here for quite a long time..
these days i dun hv any writing spirit! hik3..

i'm in exam mood to be exact.. well, i even already sat for my first paper yesterday.. another 3 papers will be on 2/11/212, 3/11/2012 n 4/11/2012..  
Children Literature paper which is our elective for this sem, was quite ok.. ok la sgt kannn... hehe.. there was some part i think i salah buat but arghhh like i care, stupid!!! 'stupiud' tu refer to myself to be exact.. hahaha.. but i've done my best so skarg tawakal je la... my friends have done their best too!!

so, 3 more to go :

Learning and The Learner
Phonetics and Phonology
ELT Methodology

mari kita buat sehabis baik!!!

counting days for longgg holidays...
hbs exam, terus cabut la... hehe

-Best Of Luck to All IPG-ians!!

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Semester 2 BIG ;)

Here i am.. once again..(eheh, that's lyric of a song lah!)
i've abandoned u for quite a long time, my blog.. pity u..
ahh, nvm.. let it go!

my classmates and i went through our BIG (Bina Insan Guru) for this semester.. Alhamdulillah syukur, everything was ok this time. unlike last semester when we went for a 3 days 2 night camping at Pangkor Island (wahh bunyi gah sungguh.. padahal..) , this sem we were to complete 7 hours of community service. so untuk memudahkan kerja, we did it inside our campus only. at least we dun hv to spend so much money, isn't it? hehe..

our BIG was postponed for several times already due to some reasons. it was postponed twice if i'm not mistaken.. we tried not to postponed anymore because the UAK (Ujian Akhir Kursus) was just around the order at that time. actually, when this post is typed, we hv just finished our UAK.. haha.. nmpak sgt pemalas nk update blog.. at first, our Yusman, our K.U said we r going to cleaned up the musolla at Pulako.. but last minute changes, we were to cleaned up Stor Sukan near our gym at the admin block.. mcm x susah sgt so everyone seemed to be ok with it.. we did it on Friday so that some of us can go back to our home during the weekend.. (the 'some' is including me.. haha).. we started around 1030am after the assembly.. (eh, ada ke budak K13 yg pegi assembly except for the K.U?? lalala)

then around 12 noon, we stopped as we were called by the HEP.. and continued again after Friday prayer...

now, let the pictures do the talking.. ;)

- iron lady of K13?? puiiii - 
thevika was also a hardworking girl.. till one stage she thought she can take all that by herself.. haha

these girls.. haha.. just see the colours la kann... 
i'm not racist but this is how we r in the classroom ;p

so, apart of doing our job to clean up all the mess in the store, we did this as well..
this is just some of our 'syok sendiri' pics k.. hahaha..

wan n mary berpadu tenaga #eh
kt mana la manisnya senyuman wan yg madam azizah adore so much tu.. ngeh3

there were so many portfolios from our super seniors yg disimpan kt situ.. rasa nk ambik satu je.. x payah ssh2 kteorg buat portfolio dah.. hahahha (gelak jahat)

dah penat bekerja, mari kita duduk2 buat mesyuarat tingkap... hihihi.. err actually we wanted the fan.. that's why everyone berhimpit at the same place at the same time! ahazks

auwwww.... this is beyond cuteness!! so sweet jabar n syazwan!! hahaha..
see!!? even though we always teased each other, we still show affection towards each other.. konon

alahai... senget pulak gambar.. feel free to move ur head to see the picture clearly.. ngeh3..
the boys of K13.. takut pulak ak tgk Dan..

haha.. i like this picture!! ijat is showing off himself! lol

and that's the end of our BIG for Semester 2 PISMP TESL, IPG IPOH CAMPUS ;D

tq so much to the pakcik for treating us with cucur udang n pisang goreng! ohh not to forget, air asam boi n air tembikai too... ;)))
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