Saturday, 6 April 2013


The awkward moment when someone who rarely call u suddenly give u a call..

n feel more awkward when ur father almost pick the call up..

n feel like fainting when he asked who is #?*$^%#! that u talk to just now..

just because i never mention that name to him before..

krik krik krik........

Friday, 5 April 2013

Bina Insan Guru SK Felcra Nasaruddin ;)


this week is declared as the busiest week ever!!
Tuhan je yg tau betapa penatnya minggu..
days of sleepless night, lots of tasks, micro-teaching, BIG, n luckily we dun hv to go to pengakap's camping programme... or i think i'll die in the tent! lol

Alhamdulillah, just one more assignment left.. done w our Bina Insan Guru, done our micro teaching... 
a token of appreciation to SK Felcra Nasaruddin, Bota for being our host for the BIG thingy.. thanks to Yamna's mom too for giving us a helping hand in order to organize the program.. i really had fun during our BIG.. i guess my other classmates r satisfied as well..

i slept in the morning, on the way to the school because my eyes really cannot tahan.. a few days w improper sleeping hours, plus w the freezing aircond n kerusi empuk, i moved to the dreamland... lol

let's take a look at our pictures ;)

we were handling a total of 72 students of Year 5 n 6 on that day.. 
very well-behaved.. 
Cikgu Jabar as mr.moderator of the day ;)
with miss moderator, Cikgu Kayun ;)

this is me during my session.. ok malas nk ckp byk psl ni.. so embarrassed!! lol

after recess, we started w LDK session, handled by Puteri n Thevika..
the rest of us were the facilitators.. 

ni namanya faci xde keje... hehe..
izzat, kayun n me.. 
comel je kayun menyelit kat blkg.. ;D

with the headmaster  En Zulkifli, PK1 Pn Maria, our tutor Miss Jenn, the kids involved n of course the mighty K13!! ;D

since the kids were busy w their task, we rehat2 la... hehe

time ni mmg dah hilang personaliti as teachers dah.. bertukar jadi kanak-kanak ribena..

we started our journey back to the campus around 230pm..
the bus turned silent the whole journey because everyone was sleeping..
as for me, dah nk keluar highway baru terjaga.. hahaha

Good job K13! <3
TQ SK Felcra Nasaruddin
ada jodoh, jumpa lg ;)

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