Sunday, 18 August 2013

Eid Sum Up

today is 11th syawal..
bet it's not too late to wish everyone Happy Eid Mubarak..

hv been spending this raya both in T.Intan n KL..
gaya mcm urban sgt raya kat kl.. muahaha

tahun ni raya mcm biasa je lahh..
but surprisingly my duit raya is a lot more compared to last year!
i think because most of my abang2 n kakak2 already work so they hv to 'willingly' give me duit raya..
well i hv another 2 years to receive duit raya..
after that, i hv to join the club of 'The Working Cousins' ;D

unfortunately this year, i couldnt join my primary school friends beraya since i was at kl that day..
so sorry guys.. promise to join next year..
worst of all, i forgot fikah's open house!
i knew something was missing but i couldnt figure it up..
the next day she came to my house n only at that moment i remembered..too bad

last Saturday, my ex-schoolmates from secondary school met up..
we went to ain's house first.. then we made a surprise for Minah who couldnt come that day..
having lots of fun w them..;)
what a day w dilah, fit, ain, aulia, atin, yien n daus..
would be great if others could join as well..

us <3

in the car..

our family picture <3

i hv nothing to say..
better get off to sleep now..

Happy SBE-ing K unit ;D
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