Saturday, 28 July 2012

Iftar with My Girls and Boys


Last Wednesday, allowance yg ditunggu sekian lama akhirnya keluar! Alhamdulillah.... senang sikit hati aku nih... byr hutang class pun dah almost RM 130! Bayangkan selama ni hidup dgn dikelilingi hutang! x tenang ok!!!

so, that evening after class, we planned to go out. some of my girlfriends want to buy toiletries lah, stationary lah and yg sewaktu dgnnya at Jusco.. i just want to window shopping first... hehe.. our class ended at 4.30 so we went at 5.30 after Asar.. Mira and Izzat drove us there... and so pity Jabar was left behind! we thought he didn't want to join.. haha.. then, tbe2 dia called Izzat.. nasib baik kami baru sampai kt tempat pak guard... blh la pusing balik.. then all of us stuck at Giant because there were so many people wanted to withdraw money as well!! Beratur panjang giler and sume machine penuh! then baru teringat hari tu 25hb, gaji keluar... no wonder ramai org... lenguh kaki ak tngu turn tau! 

soon after we arrived at JJ, we rushed to Johnny's.. nk booking tempat sbb takut ramai org! dah la kami ramai, 10 org kot! so, while waiting for azan Maghrib, we did these..........:)

after performing our Maghrib prayers, the adventure of exploring JJ started!! kah3..  ok! kasut kt vincci cun glerr! but i got 'stuck' at usual and ended up buying two t-shirts.. no regret! hahaha.. Mary la ni.. influence ak! bhahahaha

errr... sebenarnye mcm terfikir nk start buat assignment yg senang dulu.. tp.. ade ke yg senang? haha..

got to go.. bye!

Sunday, 22 July 2012

 so, it's a quotation nite

selamat malam semua!

Friday, 20 July 2012

":Adik ni emcee party tadi kan?"

assalamualaikum everyone!

i left this blog for quite a long time..
this is because i'm not as hardworking as before!! hahaha

it has been almost a month since the new semester began and i've gone through a lot of experience!
since our seniors from Warwick are back to finish their course here in Malaysia after 3 years in the UK, we had a welcoming party for them together with the new juniors' batch, the N Unit.. and guess what? i was the emcee together with a friend!

seriously i was scared to death! maybe those whoever next to me could hear my heartbeat! (exxageration.. haha) . Alhamdulillah syukur, everything went well. the party was good, everyone got enough food for their stomach and seemed like everybody enjoyed the game! ohh, i dun really care about the game coz i was so tired standing from the beginning of the ceremony till the very end! blame the Pengarah for taking almost half an hour for his speech!! hahaha..

during the party, i had a lot of thing in my mind. it's all about "the very first impression" of the seniors.. mmg tipu la kalo ak ckp ak x jeles dyorg dpt fly tp ak x fly ke UK kan.. ak siap ckp dlm hati " muke poyo2 je sume!" - ikhlas giler kan ak? haha...

then, that night, something unexpected happened!! jeng..jeng..jeng... 
when i and Jabar were at the cafe, gossipping about ipg stuff, we saw two of the seniors there, not knowing where to go to order food, what to do there and looked really like 'lost".. and both of us were like, 'aihh, dah lupe makanan Malaysia ke sampai nk order makanan pun dok tenung menu tu sampai nk tertembus biji mata??" - jahat giler ak weh!

then, the awkward moment started! the abang whom i kutuk like crazy just now walked to our place and said, "adik ni td jadi emcee mase party tu kan?" ahhh.. sudah!! did he heard what we said just now?? then, he and his friend sat at our table and i was like..... blurrrr..... we had some chitchat and then another awkward moment........ one by one of the seniors arrived and sat at that table! and now the table was full with them while me and Jabar turned to be so silent! - something that never happened with us who never keep quiet when we were hanging out together! sgt jeles bile abg2 n kakak2 tu cite their experience there.... i mean like, jealous to the max!! bile rase mcm dah x tau nk ckp ape dgn dyorg, kteorg pun balik la...

and the next day, at the koperasi, one of the abang i met last nite wanted to treat me! "Umairah dah byr ke? ingatkan nk byr sekali td' .. i was like, "ish, cer ckp awal2 kalo nk blnje! ak dah byr br nk bgtau! kalo ak tau, ak pilih nk pau ceklat ke.. pau ayam ke... yg mmg mahal tu!! kahj3...

hikmahnye/? eventhough at first i didnt really agree when Mr Earnest want me to be the emcee, now i'm glad i did it! coz i got new experience which i won't ever forget for the rest of my life and also, i get to know new friends! ok, those abg2 n kakak2 x la sombong n berlagak pun. see? my first impression pun dah salah! n the moment one of them said, 'tq adik, jadi emcee td' buat ak nk nangis kot!! kah3


kawan2 semua, selamat berpuase!! jom same2 tingkatkan ibadah kita dan semoga dpt keberkatan dari-Nya :)

p/s : i really hope they do not found this blog... kalo x mmg habis la ak... errr... ak bukannye kutuk sgt pun, ak siap puji lg kan? hehe

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Le Luna? Then Where's Brave?


haven't been here for quite a long time... have been bz with studies and lecture stuff anyway.. since i haven't writen anything here like for ages, i'm gonna sit down here in front of the lappy n think what to write.. haha.. seriously i had no idea in mind what to write...

so, last Thursday my friends and I went out to treat ourselves for movie.. u see, one of my girl friends is so keen to watch "Brave".. it's a Disney cartoon.. at first i dun really want to go.. liat semacam rasenye nk keluar... but later i changed my mind.. teruk aku kene perli sbb mule2 berlagak giler malas nak keluar, last2 aku yg excited bagai... dushh!!

Thevika as the one who merengek-rengek nk tgk Brave finally became the last one to bersiap... amende ntah yg di make up kan minah tu..haha... Kak Huda drove Izzat's car to Ipoh Parade... hahaha.. this one is seriously funny.. we went to Parade and checked on the schedule.. guess what??? no Brave at Parade!! kah3.. padan muke kau Thevika... Kak Huda, Yamna, Chan, Dash and me already came to a conclusion to watch Abraham Lincoln tu je.. but she didint seem to agree and still want to watch Brave!! mmg gedik x hengat punye budak!!  haishhh... then we went to JJ.. nasib baik la ad cite Brave tu, kalo x...... mmg ak hempuk2 si Thevika tu!

Kak Huda the driver..

when they dropped at Giant for a while, this was what i did.. menyelongkar kete org! Sorry eh Ijat.. hehe..

Dash :)

Chan :)

Thevika, pencetus segalanya... ahakzs!

again, this is Kak Huda

okeyhh... ini aku... haha

alaa... yamna's picture is not in my phone...x dpt nk tunjuk.. hehe
what happened in the cinema? oh mann... the embarassment is indescribable indeed!! haha...  huh! i hate La Luna! we thought we entered the wrong cinema! so memalukan.. hahahaha

ni je la yg mampu umairah merapu mlm ni...  
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