Saturday, 7 July 2012

Le Luna? Then Where's Brave?


haven't been here for quite a long time... have been bz with studies and lecture stuff anyway.. since i haven't writen anything here like for ages, i'm gonna sit down here in front of the lappy n think what to write.. haha.. seriously i had no idea in mind what to write...

so, last Thursday my friends and I went out to treat ourselves for movie.. u see, one of my girl friends is so keen to watch "Brave".. it's a Disney cartoon.. at first i dun really want to go.. liat semacam rasenye nk keluar... but later i changed my mind.. teruk aku kene perli sbb mule2 berlagak giler malas nak keluar, last2 aku yg excited bagai... dushh!!

Thevika as the one who merengek-rengek nk tgk Brave finally became the last one to bersiap... amende ntah yg di make up kan minah tu..haha... Kak Huda drove Izzat's car to Ipoh Parade... hahaha.. this one is seriously funny.. we went to Parade and checked on the schedule.. guess what??? no Brave at Parade!! kah3.. padan muke kau Thevika... Kak Huda, Yamna, Chan, Dash and me already came to a conclusion to watch Abraham Lincoln tu je.. but she didint seem to agree and still want to watch Brave!! mmg gedik x hengat punye budak!!  haishhh... then we went to JJ.. nasib baik la ad cite Brave tu, kalo x...... mmg ak hempuk2 si Thevika tu!

Kak Huda the driver..

when they dropped at Giant for a while, this was what i did.. menyelongkar kete org! Sorry eh Ijat.. hehe..

Dash :)

Chan :)

Thevika, pencetus segalanya... ahakzs!

again, this is Kak Huda

okeyhh... ini aku... haha

alaa... yamna's picture is not in my phone...x dpt nk tunjuk.. hehe
what happened in the cinema? oh mann... the embarassment is indescribable indeed!! haha...  huh! i hate La Luna! we thought we entered the wrong cinema! so memalukan.. hahahaha

ni je la yg mampu umairah merapu mlm ni...  

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