Monday, 29 October 2012

Final Exam vs Holiday Mood

haven't been here for quite a long time..
these days i dun hv any writing spirit! hik3..

i'm in exam mood to be exact.. well, i even already sat for my first paper yesterday.. another 3 papers will be on 2/11/212, 3/11/2012 n 4/11/2012..  
Children Literature paper which is our elective for this sem, was quite ok.. ok la sgt kannn... hehe.. there was some part i think i salah buat but arghhh like i care, stupid!!! 'stupiud' tu refer to myself to be exact.. hahaha.. but i've done my best so skarg tawakal je la... my friends have done their best too!!

so, 3 more to go :

Learning and The Learner
Phonetics and Phonology
ELT Methodology

mari kita buat sehabis baik!!!

counting days for longgg holidays...
hbs exam, terus cabut la... hehe

-Best Of Luck to All IPG-ians!!

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