Thursday, 1 March 2012

Everything Mixed Up

time to pack!!
going back tomorrow for 2 weeks
1 week SBE(school-based experience) + 1 week holiday
excited? YES
nervous? YES
scared? YES

Today is ipg's sports day..
well, to be honest i came because i wanna eat... ( jujur glerr jawapan aku wehh)
even though i was orang-yg-susah-nak-jejak-padang type, but i turun today!!
perghhh... big achievement tuhh...

trying hard to remember how much i spent for food this morning.... hahaha.
spending our time chitchating here and there..
gossiping around.. well, u know girlsss.... hahahaaha

found this quote while waiting for my printing to finish...
(printer tu buat hal plak td... gundah-gulana my roomate and i..)

- harinisayatakhepisangattapisayasukaharini -

this evening i attend a briefing regarding SBE.. seriously i'm pissed off... hilang mood wooo.... 
sabar je lahh... kite tetap kene hormat org yg berdiri kt depan tu kan..( ayat sedapkan ati je ni..)

tp rasa bengang hilang when si bakal ustaz tersilap bace doa.. dia terbaca doa makan daaa... hehehehee... 

so, hopefully everything gonna be fun and exciting(sila bace dgn gaya k13 perform choral speaking back during sem 2 before)

kawan2, be careful and take care of urself yaa...
good luck for SBE and enjoy ur holiday!!!

p/s : eh, i have 3 assignments to be submitted exactly after holiday... inikah holiday yg dimaksudkan???


Lala Koh said...

ok la tu.. aku ada 6 assignmentS kna hntr lpas holiday. ahahahaha

umairah^_^ said...

kite holiday dgn assignments je lah, lala... hehehe...

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