Friday, 16 March 2012

Back in 2008^^

yup.. according to the title..i'm not sure if it's really 2009 or what..haha

i was mentally tired doing the assignment just now so.. KRINGGGG!!!!! recces time, students!!
excited jd teacher le tu....kah3..

so, back to the story! as far as i could remember, this kenduri kahwin of Kak Ayang n Abg Barry (duhh..i never ever call him abg before and i dun think i will!!) was during my form 4.. and my math is not so good so after kira2 tambah tolak darab bahagi, i think it was 2008... (big possibility utk salah kira)..

 it was held at Mak Ngah's house, my dad's sister n the theme was blue n i was totally OUT coz i wore orange! muahahahaaa...n since i already joined khatam quran ceremony two years before that when Kak Awi married so that time Mak Ngah had to find her other someone else for khatam quran ceremony... Abg Faris n I cuma mampu tersenyum coz kteorg dah "selamat' dulu..ngeh3

since it was like 4 years ago, so our faces were all 4 years younger than now!!kah3... mom, dad, uncles, aunties, kakak2, abg2 n ME, please face the fact!

presenting.....pengapit bidan terjun... Kak Hera n Angah..clap30x.... x tipu, mmg nmpak klakar...hehe

ignore my silly face... aku tgh sedap2 mkn, ade ke patut pakcik tu amek gambo!! ceytt!!

haha.. ayah pose mcm guru beso!! muahaha... 

once again, it was 2008..........................


Jay Joseph ^^ said...

ni aje..^^ lain buku titas je..

umairah^_^ said...


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