Thursday, 3 May 2012

After All...

harap maklum.. ini bukan heart matter #3.. kah3..

sometimes when we already decide, yet things happen and there's no way out

now and then, are different.....

people change, feelings change, we ourselves change without we even notice about it.. i thought i already forget it but hmmm.... no i think..

having Him, The Almighty, i wish i can be a strong girl.. like i always be, InsyaAllah :)

exam is around the corner and Umairah...!!! why r u still in front of the lappy??? do ur reading now!! u hv The Return, Village by The Sea, a lot of plays to read, memorise the whole book of Child Development and Philosophy of Education!!!!!! ( cmni la mak aku akan membebel.. hasha) 

p/s : watching King Lear by the juniors reminds me of Bollywood' Macbeth by us last year..ahh.. cant stop myself from comparing theirs with ours.. hahaha

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