Sunday, 29 April 2012

Entry Takde Tajuk


came back from Pangkor 3 days ago n spent my time sleeping at home!!! hehehehe..

sunburn muke ak wehhh!!!! huhu..

i dun really like camping actually but it was kinda fun woo..
i like spending time together with friends, sitting together by the seaside, n talk craps.. hahaha..

there was a night i had to burn midnite all to finish a task n i was like cannot open my eyes yet i need to finish it! damn... n some boys were already sleeping soundly in the hall... jealous glerr tgk org tido wehhhh..... nseb baik some of my classmates mmg blm tido jgk time tu so kurg la skit jealous i tu.. kih3.. n the most important thing was....AKU KENE GIGIT DGN PACAT!!!!!!!!!! Ya Allah, sumpah aku geli wehhh.... classmates ak yg lain x kena, aku lak tbe2 jd insan terpilih..hahaha

owhh... one more thing! first time in history i witnessed how Thevika tried not to sleep during oiur briefing at night!! it was quite late.. almost 1am... n she was struggling to not close her eyes!! Omg.. she was so damn funny at that moment!! Izzat n I teased her from the back but she didnt give any reaction.. she was like in her own world.. kah3.. glerr klakar muke ko thevika.... muahahaha... opppsss!! sbnarnye aku pun tido jgk!! paling aku x blh tahan masa majlis penutup which was the last day.. it was in the morning before everyone get ready to leave..haha... sudah la yg delivered speech was Ketua Unit Kokurikulum merangkap jiran aku n merangkap bapak classmate aku mase skolah dulu... mmg kurang sopan btl la aku mase tu wehh...

enough with BIG stuff.. since i went back home on Friday, i went for a date first before going back home.. do not speculate please... it was a girls-day-out actually.. together with Atin, Adilah, Aulia n Ain... mmg kami la yg riuhkan Mcd tu.. hahaha... 

ape ke jadah aku taip byk2 tp xde gambo!! ahhh... biarkan!! kurang rajin aku nk upload.... hahahahahaa... esok start la class as usual after a week break..sigh... tonite lets relax first walaupun sbnarnye BIG report kene hntar soon..........

p/s : first time experience to go to a maahad to attend a programme there together with my parents.. terasa diri ni kecik sgt compared to adik2 kt sana... byknye yg aku x tau.... :(

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