Saturday, 3 September 2011

eid part 2

hoyey!!! tomorrow going back to ipg... n i havent done my mr.A... what d fish... hahaha.. but still ade mood for new entry... eh! jap! bukan ke bru sat td hang post something, cik umi ooiii???!! buat2 lupe lahh...

4th Syawal..
activity : open house
location : farah fatin ahmad's house
time : err... supposed to be at 6...

pictures stolen from miss adilah a.k.a kecik without permission... kire halal la ... ni kan raye.. ^^

ainur syahidah, farah fatin, nurul fitri, c kecik huda, umairah
taken while waiting for shilop n ayu..
ok! sumpah penat tunggu dok luar..haha

aku mmg manje dgn atin... kan3??? hek3

these are only some of d pictures... nnt lala uni marah lau umi amek byk2.. haha
anyway, korg made up my day la kwan2!!! 
perut kenyang, gelak byk... kan3??
last2, meor muhd azrin smpai... sembang2 then terus gerak blk... already maghrib..
d other boys?? di manakah?? no commentss....

fitri n i silap timing lalu dpn surau time tgh azan.... kenapakah?? maluu....~

EID PART 3 coming soon tomorrow... this part plg best!!!!

p/s : i hate wearing helmet!! so, dun ask me to wear it no matter under what circumstances!!! hahaha

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