Thursday, 8 September 2011

I <3 thursday!! haha...
wouldnt it fun if every thursday is like today??
so relaxing.... i sleep... sleep...and sleep.... in class... hahahaha
since i dun get enough sleep yesterday because i need to entertain my mr.a, so today i balas dendam laaa...

1st q of d challenge...


  1. a girl
  2. i suke gelak kuat2
  3. my food xkan prnah habis even i amek nasi ckit je pun..
  4. i dun eat vege n meat ( except for chicken n fish)
  5. an English teacher-to-be
  6. teringin jadi specky ( saje looking for trouble, kan)
  7. i luv purple
  8. but most of my things are pink.. dunno y..haha
  9. i gile kasut ( my classmates know this very well...)
  10. i anak manje my ayah
laa.. dah habes ke.... haha..

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