Wednesday, 21 September 2011

immaturity of me :)

i started to walk away
but then i saw the sun started to shine again..
cheer me up.
ahhh! wait!! i'm not suppose to feel this way..
i'd promised myself!

now, should i just stay there again enjoying the sunshine to my heart content..
should i just keep walking along a path which me myself dunno where it leads to??

i choose to stay..
for me to experience the warmth again..
to grab each and every opportunity lies in front of me..
and just go with the flow..
because deep in my heart that it will last forever..

even though rain might come..
to let me feel coldness instead of the warmth..
but sometimes i need to feel both..
so that i will be strong enough to face both warm and cold in the future..

i want to stay there..
maybe the rain might disturb me..
but i know at last the sun will shine again..

leave everything to Him.. He knows what is the best for me... n for u as well..
InsyaAllah, ada yg menanti kita di hadapan sana.. semua telah ditentukan :)

p/s : latihan kebakaran dlm hujan?? mmg 'best' pun... larikan mknan makan kt bilik pun best gak..haha

gud day, guys!!

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