Wednesday, 7 September 2011


salam... adakah anda semua telah berjaya menanbah berat badan?? after putting all those nasi impit, ketupat, kuah kacang, rendang, lontong, laksa etc....... into ur small stomach? haha.. pity u, stomach.. referring to mine too actually... i still got my kueh raya here next to me... mane x naik berat badan... asyik mengunyah 24/7! haha.. 

so,. before i start spending time with my dear mr.A, coz i know he wont let me go unless i settle everything, so i wanna post this first. 

Day One : 
10 things about you
Day Two : 
10 things you love
Day Three : 
10 things you hate
Day Four : 
10 things you want to say to one person
Day Five : 
10 wishes
Day Six : 
10 items you can't live without
Day Seven : 
10 important people
Day Eight : 
10 of your favourite songs
Day Nine : 
10 ways to win your heart
Day Ten : 
10 final words

so, doakan la aku rajin yerr... not sure i will update it daily coz it is super duper hard to spend time with dis thing.. well, u know... my mr.a... hahaha..

k, chow kawan2
ohh! btw, my dear mr.a send his regard to u all...

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