Thursday, 15 September 2011

i think this way...

alhamdulillah... safe journey home.. since tomorrow is a public holly, going back home is a must!!! haha..

last nite, majlis penutup bulan kemerdekaan was held at our tanjung hall... i was quite bengang coz we had to wear formal dat nite... wearing baju kurung at nite? wth! 

but dat was just my first thought... actually, it was so much fun!! i luv every single moment i was there... the food... marvelous!! i was thinking - ni majlis merdeka ke majlis raya?? huhu..

ade le gambo ckit tok kome...

love this pic!!! - dash, chan, thevika n me...

pinky during a rainy nite?? watever...baju tu best... aku amek je lahh.. hak3..

drama muzikal yg dyorg tayang last nite siyes lawak!!! but meanigful... huhu.. credit to those abg2 n kakak2 who prepared it.. they have put a lot of effort..

merdekakah aku?? physically maybe yes, but mentally??
atau aku masih dijajah? 

how a teacher trainee should behave? how are we supposed to carry ourselves in society? is it true dat teachers own the persona dat nobody else have? do i already have dat persona?

p/s : owh, i luv to share my experience participating in national merdeka celebration back in 2008.. korg mesti terkejut punye lahh!!! haha... let me selongkar all those files for the pictures yaa ..

gud day, kawan2! utk yg involve for tomorrow's big national event ( my juniors n friends of K units), chayok! chayok!

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