Monday, 19 September 2011

logic vs insane

brain : heyy!! r u crazy?? crush with him? u r mad.,.!

heart : so wat?? i cant stop my feeling lahh!

brain : if she knw u fall for him, u die, u know!!??

heart : i'm not so stupid to tell her  - hey, i fall for ur ex la.. i'm not dat stupid la, brain..!

brain : huh! heart, u never listen to me... its for ur own good...  u will hurt her if she knew..

heart : i wont tell her!!! anyway, its just crush... i'm not saying i love her ex... CRUSH... do u get me, brain??

brain : but she's ur friend.. n ur CRUSHNESS might turn into something else.. LIKE perhaps... then grows to LOVE..who knows, heart..

heart : no... i'll make sure it wont into something like that.. i guaranty u, brain.. both of them are my friends..this stupid feeling wont last long anyway..

brain : up to u... 

heart : he's cute, kan?? hihi

brain : yaa... kind of.. huhu

heart : hah!.see?? u too cant deny it...we hv something in common now... haha

-just a random thought early in d morning...a true story by the writer herself.. ahakzs-

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