Friday, 15 March 2013

Three years and remain strong

Supposed to update this one first before the KL trip.. hehe
the line here is tremendously slow..
so i only upload some photos since it takes ages to complete.. 
i really had fun that night! 
maklumlah, i'm one of the victim yg kena prank w tepung! luckily sempat menyorok dalam cafe so xde la kenapakaj telur sekali...hehe..
pity sia! she looked horrible that night! kih3

k13 bbq party team! 
w miss jen <3

w chan.. fahmi's new scandal... muahaha

most of my photos hodoh2 belaka...stress aku tgk! over candid maybe.. ;p

ok, that's all..
dah x larat nk tunggu sampai sejam lbh nk upload gambar..

have fun!


1 comment:

famy azmy said...

wei..tulis besau2 plak..kantoi da scandal ak..malu kite...hahahaha

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