Friday, 29 March 2013

Being 21


yesterday, March 28, i'm officially 21!!
Alhamdulillah, Allah bagi kesempatan lagi utk aku menumpang sementara kat dunia milik Dia..

"dah besar panjang dah anak mak, dah blh kawin" , mak aku cakap.. mak aku yg cakap ye, bukan aku.. umur je dah 21, tp perangai hmmmm... malas cakap.. lol

no official celebration this year..dah besar ni malas dah nak celebrate bagai.. dad even asked me what i want for my birthday, but i dunno what i want.. so mom brought me to the town n i ended up buying a pair of shoes.. hehe.. i mean, what do u expect from! ngeh3..

this year, birthday is all about food! i mean seriously.. dad said since i didnt ask for any specific present, so he bought us for dinner on 27th.. ok this one can be considered as advanced birthday celebration la kot.. then on 28th itself, he treated middle east cuisine for lunch! then at night, kfc pulak.. mmg gemuk la aku.. sob3

this one is from fahmi! very advanced tau... a week before holiday dia bagi.. haha.. ak ingatkan kenapa la tibe2 suruh aku bawak pendrive g class.. ;D
mmg mcm2 expression ada.. complete sume! ngeh3..
tq very much le fahmi oiii... paling x ley bla tu, dia letak 'Jawa' instead of my name.. ceyt!! ;p

and this one is from chan! she gave me after we came back from burger bakar-ing.. hik3
thanks to chan, now my patrick dah dpt new friend.. hehe.. a smaller version of patrick..

this was what i had for lunch! ayam mandy.. yum yum yum..sedapnye (Thevika,2013)
tq to everyone yg wish me! much love for eveyone!!

we r the march babies! <3
one more is azmie.. kesian mihun, selalu tertinggal.. padahal dia yg bongsu.. ;D

p/s : have no time to really enjoy since assignments bertimbun... this is disaster!!!

got to go! bye2!!

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