Saturday, 20 August 2011

d miserable door in my fragile heart

i'm lost in my own world..
couldnt find d way back..
to d door i entered before..
n i wish i wouldnt step into d same door again..
for d time being..
dat door made me miserable..
dat door made me crazy..
dat door made me fragile..

i hate dat door..
go away! get back into dat doraemon pocket!!
how i wish its true..
how i wish dat door cn just dissapear..
away from my sight to see it..
away from my hand to grab it again..
away from my leg to step in it again..
just go far far away...
somewhere unknown .... to infinity..
please go away,door...

i've just get out of dat door
n i feel like i'm coming back to it..
i dun want to...

pergilah jauh2, pintu hati........
not d time yet for me to come back...
a long way to go..
for d perfect one...
to stand next to me n say..
we'll go in together... dun weri, i always b here...with u.. eternally...

doing assignmentsss made me tingtong... dah mcm org x btl dah ni!! muahahaha

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