Friday, 1 June 2012



i woke up this morning with sore throat and a worse flu compared to yesterday.. welcome miss sore throat!! hoho..

have not go anywhere yet this holiday as Adam has extra classes to attend.. haha.. padan muke kau kene pegi sekolah even though tgh cuti!! rasekannn!!! kah3... 

n Ayah also has to attend course back in Ipoh.. n i feel like.... xde tmpat lain ke?? ipoh je.... haha

n i use my time "wisely" finishing my movies n dramas.. hahahaha..... see?? i'm damn good in make use of the time very wisely... hak3..

most of my school friends are coming back home next week which means there is a big possibility i'll be spending one or two days outside with them.. hoho... 

everyone has their own agenda it seems. so, if we are to go for holiday, we only can go next week... that's the only time all of us are free.. n pleaseeeee no more Cameron... i'm bored with that place ady.. i dun mind go shopping with Mak at Kea Farm or just sit back enjoying hot tea but no more butterfly farm lah, bee farm lah ape lah... (warning to Adam ni sbnarnye... ngeh3)...i've been there 3 times ady this year and once with my classmates back in IPG.. and that one was seriously fun to spend some time with them out of the campus.... :)  ok x kesah g mane2 pun blh la but please avoid Cameron for this family trip\!! hak3..

and when the school starts again, Ayah need to go for another course ( again???).... this time will be at Bukit Merah Laketown... hoho... sumpah rase nk ikut!! hak3... tp Adam sekolah... huhu.. mmg angan-angan mat jenin je lah, umi ooii... hahahaaha

ok da xde benda nk ckp... kah3.. 

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