Sunday, 30 June 2013


Hey peeps!!

just got a 'visit' from our 'beloved' warden..

seriously, sepanjang 21 thn aku hidup, x pernah aku jumpe org mcm dia..
dia 'baik' sgt...
aku x tipu! mmg 'baik' sgt!!

since my roommate is the ketua aras and one of my classmates is our ketua blok, i truly understand what 'burden' they carry because of that lady!!

why is she messing up w ppl's life?
this is wrong..
 no, u cant do that..
who ask u to do this..
and the nag goes on...

i do not hold any post in the committee but i myself feel so annoyed w her..
i'm not degrading her or what not but when she act that way, my perception certainly changed!
she should guide, not practicing dictatorship w us..
plus, we r big enough to do things in our own way..
well, sometimes our attitude may be wrong, 
but u should not yell at ppl like mad, lady!!
i really wonder how u manage ur family...

sorry, i didnt mean to critic her..
but my perception towards this lady is totally not good
no good image at all

if u guide, we listen..
if u yell at ppl, i'll get my revenge...

ok, case close!!

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