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Bukit Tinggi, Indonesia ;)

fuhhh been a long time since my last visit to this blog.. cewahhh ayat XD

done w exam, now it's time to enjoy the holiday in a very useful
on 19th November, my family and I left Malaysia for Bukit Tinggi, West Sumatera for a 5-days vacation. felt excited but Adam almost threw up on the plane because of its movement.. since he sat next to me, i was furious when he told me that.. sepatutnya aku la yg pening sbb ddk tepi tingkap!


After one hour journey, we arrived at Bandar Udara Internasional Minangkabau, Padang. their airport is nothing compared to ours actually. aircond pun segan-segan nak keluar.. it is indeed quite small but the ukiran is really fascinating! 

the whole group from Malaysia was around 20 people.. it was like teachers' vacation because most of them are teachers and we yg anak2 ni started to feel, ahhh they are going to discuss abt school thingy for the rest of the day... and trust me, that was what really happen!

after that, we started our journey to Bukit Tinggi which took around 2 hours from Padang. You'll never find jalan cantik like highway here because the road is very small eventhough itu jalan utama. 2 lane je pun tp jalan tu sibuk. byk lori and bus.. our tour guide was Pak Didek together w the bus driver, Pak Pian and co-tour guide was Kak Riki.. aku x reti nk eja nama dyorg, tp lebih kurang la kot.. hehe 

on the way nk ke Bukit Tinggi, singgah lunch dulu.. Nasi padang.. makanan dyorg x byk beza dgn kita so perut blh terima.  

puposely enlarge gambar makanan #foodporn

we did some shopping first before headed to our hotel. the weather was getting colder during late evening. kat sini, around 630pm tu dah gelap dah.. sejuk jgn cakap lahh...

when i mentioned shopping, means that mmg borong habis! plus kat sini, dyorg terima duit Malaysia.. maybe sbb ramai org Malaysia datang.. aku x tau berapa ratus ribu rupiah mak aku habiskan during our first day

we arrived at our hotel around 9pm..i was too tired to even had a walk around the town that night. but i did went out for sight-seeing the next day.. 

second day was another shoopping trip, i can say ;D
we had breakfast at the hotel's restaurant first before we left. 
our country is definitely 20-30 years ahead in terms on lifestyle, technology and economic status compared to the people here. scene yg selalu kita nampak dlm sinetron eg like dtg minta sedekah masa traffic light n tolak gerai makanan tu mmg ada kat sini but one thing that i respect is, they are really hardworking and determine nk cari rezeki.. mcm2 kerja dyorg buat.. tuntutan hidup mungkin. 

their nature mmg sgt cantik! masa nak ke air terjun ni, errr apa ntah nama tempat tu..hehe.. lalu sawah padi, gunung n the scenery was awesome. here in malaysia, kita byk tebang hutan for development but they dont. they have some kind of rules that for one state, they will just focus on agriculture and another state will focus on another filed. maybe sbb negara dyorg besar n tenaga kerja ramai, so dyorg x kisah kalau development x setara antara satu state dgn state lain.... maybe la..

mom and i enjoyed our shopping moment again..hahahaha.. there was a time both mom and i were short of rupiah money and both of us ended up paying them in ringgit.. hahaha.. since dad was nowhere to be seen, so terpaksa la korbankan duit malaysia.. well, this is a prove of our shopping

once you are at tanah minang or 'ranah minang' by the locals, it is a must to visit their minangkabau house. first we went to Istana Besar Pagaruyung or they called it Istano Basa Pagaruyung.. what a beautiful place! tempatnya agak terpencil jgk.. jauh masuk ke dalam.. but i found out that ppl around Pagaruyung area are more wealthy compared to other places like Payakumbuh, Batusangkar or Padang Panjang because their houses are so well-built, big and nampak gah gitu.. maybe sbb kawasan tu byk ketua-ketua suku kot.. so keturunan dyorg agak berada..

just take a look at these photos.. kat belakang istana tu gunung.. puncak gunung tu kena litup awan.. so u can guess how is the weather.. cool and refreshing enough!

Istana Besar Pagaruyung

breathtaking view of the palace

ni pulak kat taman panorama.. kat belakang tu ngarai or canyon la.. ngarai tu aku x pasti sama ada bahasa melayu atau bahasa org kirenye mcm Asian's version of Great Canyon la.. cantik tmpat ni.. kat bwh taman panorama ni la ada kubu jepun.. org tempatan called it as 'Lobang Jepang'..

their government is planning to biuld some kind of great wall ala-ala China punya tu so that tourists blh jalan2 sampai bawah bukit.. tp time aku kat sana tu, great wall tu baru siap separuh je..

this is the scenery of the kubu jepun.. sejukkkk... lagi sejuk compared to outside yg mmg sedia sejuk..
ada sekali tu kteorg dibawa msk ke bilik hukuman dgn tempat campak mayat.. sumpah seram.. pakcik tour guide tu mula2 bagi salam..lps tu kteorg kat belakang bergema bagi salam jugak... siap kumat-kamit mulut baca doa...

inside lobang jepang

gambar atas ni tempat tembus keluar dari kubu jepun tu.. tembus kat lereng bukit.. worth going la pada aku utk masuk kubu ni walaupun agak ketaq jugak awal2 tu..

inside the minangkabau house

this is how it looks inside of the minangkabau house.. noted that this is not from the istana besar i mentioned before but it is actually an information centre of minang's culture and custom.. the building is build exactly the same as the original structure of traditional minang house.

during our last day, we toured around Padang city again before headed back to the airport. but before that, we enjoyed durian-flavoured ice-cream or 'es tebat' called by the locals. nice tp mkn byk2 jadi muak la sikit so i ended up w a normal ais kacang and was teased by Kak Riki, one of our tour guide.. grrrrr

es tebak aka ice-cream durian

time to bid farewell to tanah minang! getting ready to leave Padang.. learnt so many new things especially abt their culture, language and lifestyle.. i make new friends as well! 
this experience make me appreciate my homeland more now.. ;)

bye-bye indonesia! ;3

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