Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Feel Like Heaven ^^

since exam is successfully finished ( dlm bahasa melayu, berakhir dgn jayanya... haha)
only now i got the chance to write a longggggg entry... bhahaha

its all about how i spent my SPM hollidays ( errkk...consider as holiday ke?) with some awesome boys and girls in a place called Erican..haha.. skema pny ayat noo..Erican ni, to those who dunno, is actually a language centre... to brush up our english..ade kerjasama dgn Cmbridge University sbb our cert pun ade lambang Cambridge n our test paper pun deme yg tande., so for a few month, we met everyday.. (agak boring jgk le tgk muke kome 2 kann...).. here they are.......

the best thing i remembered abt her is, she never eat chicken sepanjang hdp!! reason - she geli with all those bulu2 ayam... even KFC finger licking good pun she never eat!! a vry nice sweet girl..

the oldest among us.. graduated from uitm in accountancy. she doesnt look like a 23 years old girl at all!! kecik molek je orgnye... whenever our sir speaks in malay, haha.... she laughs the loudest.. oppsss!! kak ida ade skandal dgn abg nikamt.... kah4.. so, whenever we go to nikamt restaurant, mesti dpt layanan vvip... ngeh3

ok.. honestly, i dunno how to spell his name.. reti sebut je.. haha.. he is such an innocent boy... when it comes to speech test, mmg tergagap-gagap la mamat sorg ni.. aku plak jenis naughty2.. even i felt pity for him yet i laughed.. silently.... sori, kien giap... hehehehe

huuu... my best friend ever after... she joined erican pun bcoz of my influence laa.. since our parents teach at d same school, i asked my ayah to talk to her mak.. the rest is history.. bhahaha..she can talk verryyyy fast n sometimes i cant catch up her words... n when speech time, eye contact is important.... to get the clue... hahaaha.. in uia now

haha... dunno the spelling...again... a very smart boy... stylo... siyes, x tipu!! x la putih sgt, body six packs.. perghhhh.... ble time speech test, ladies and gentleman.........thats all i could hear... suasre siyes semangat habis... sodap pun sodap... tp itu lahh, speech x prnah nk hafal...

aku taram a.k.a tibai je name die ni.... asal ade bunyi sudaaa.. first time,Piqah heard his name, she asked me, Umi, aku mcm pernah dgr name tu.... mcm ade iras2.. then i answered, rasenye ade name jalan kt kl.. jln loke yew... dkt2 le tu,kn?? hahaha..he's a quiet boy.. so silent compared to us yg jenis huuuhaaa....dunno much abt him either.. i segan nk tnye...... (ayat mintk penampar)

Oh My....... this girl.... die x sedar die buat lawak... the way she walked, the way she talked, and others... mmg agak silent la this girl in class but once u start to hv a conversation with her, its non-stop... trust me!!

die masuk paling lambat.. dah hujung2 tu baru die masuk... but still kteorg sempat kuar hang out together2... nice girl..

another chinese girl in class.. Adil said she suffers from anorexia..n ak pun percaya la bulat2 ckp mamat tuhh... ceyt! but seriously, she is sooooo thinnnn...... mcm tulang bergerak pun ade aku tgk... ayat die yg paling best - cincai laaa..ni yg aku suke satu grup dgn die nihh.... haha

10. ADIL
nk kate adil dan saksama, tidaklah sgt.. haha.. mamt nih... aduhh...speechless aku.. he suffers from "RADIO ROSAK" phenomena... kah3... he always forget his lines... even sir gave him the clues, he still couldnt get it!! mmg kalakar habis r budak nih... his style which i like the most is - he like to garu-garu his head when he's lost.... sumpah klakar...

11. AMIN
dis is another senget boy in the class... bijak pun dia, sengal pun die gak..hahaha.. he has a habit.. everytime before he start his speech, he will make an action like org basuh tangan... so funny!! his trademark tuhh... haha..so i would always tell him, min, jgn lupe basuh tgn!! then he made his seposen look! ceyt!! owh, now he's an architect in the making... blh la ko tlg buat kondo mewah utk aku sebijik nnt eh..ngeee

wahhh... jodoh kami mmg panjang! jd rumet aku kot skang...  bhahaha.. eh! x blh kutuk, sbb die salu stalk aku... mau kene belasah aku kang... hahaha... rumet aku, of coz la baik,kannn..

hah.... ni la penglipur lara aku...... she's soooo funny... everything she did, people will definitely laugh! even though she just sit and smile...hahaha... aduhh... hard to say but thats ruf! wooi peem always tease her whether in fb or during class... he said, rufaida, can u swim? then, the greatest battle of all began... they can fight from the class start till the class finish... in uitm shah alam now

sahabat sejati si ruf nih!! muahaha... thats y i put them together... wooi peem is another senget boy in the class... one day, before our speaking test, he asked Rebecca ,eh why gigi u sgt putih? Ohh... what kind of q is that?? then when i asked dont he attracted to the sexy Tracy.. he answered me like this - gila punya org pkai itu macam..jgn tny la mcm mane kami gelak mase tu.. mmg nk guling2 atas lantai asenye.. 

15. UMI
eh! ni aku!! no point kutuk n praised myself rite? hahaha... so, xnk r story sal diri sndiri

i'll never forget all our memories there... stories in the class, Secret Recipe, Mcd, Restoran Nikmat, Pizza Hut n many more.....
hope to see u guys again
may our friendship last forever
sayanggggg korg 

huh! pnjg sungguh kali ni.... hek3..


ihsan nashi said...

gila kupang, bnyka gile hang tulis,.. lpas ni tulis satu maktab pulak k, hahahah

Anonymous said...

wah ! nicelah . meet others people . tak duduk rumah membesarkan perut jek . hehe .

umairah^_^ said...

ihsan : lenguh menaip wehh.... hahaha.. almaklumlahh, exam dah habeh,kn...... muahaha

captainaidzam ; hehe... best mmg best.. tp dah mcm time skola pun ade..

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