Thursday, 17 November 2011

The World Belongs to Me!

hello!! i'm home now.. haha
(kantoi blk awal.. who cares,rite.. huhu)

on Wednesday,after the exhausted week struggling for final exam, some of my friends and i went to joli a.k.a meronggeng a.k.a huuu haaa.. elaun pun bru msk so, kite enjoy!!!

Me, ChanMarry, Dash, Thevika and some other friends went there by bus.. oh plisss, dun remind me abt the bus!! memalukan sungguh..... hahaha.. my other friends went to Lost World..

ohh, adakah saya terkantoi dgn  Encik ini masa keluar that day?? he seemed to know... hahaha

Parade was so silent and empty when we arrived.. hahaa.. see?? semangat btl kteorg.. eh! we bump into him and him there.. owhhh... mmg classmates aku pakat nk meronggeng on that day.. muahaha

bcoz of our stomach had started to sing Cindai, we ate usual, i wont finish my meal.. then, Marry, Chan and I went to karaoke-ing... sumpah best!! lantak la suare aku x sedap pun.. jd hilang tension aku!! we sang non-stop for 2 hours then shopping la, ape lg!! dun want to mention what i've bought... hahahaha

for pics, please visit Chan's blog.. hihi

got lots to say actually but nvm, later lahh...

p/s : malam yg sgt unexpected dan pagi yg sgt2 unexpected juga..wink3 ^^

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