Tuesday, 1 January 2013

1 of 365 ;)


first post for 2013..
first post from the college..
i always hate d fact that i need to come back to this place.. 
now i have to 'hunt for food' by myself.. i need to walk to d shop by myself.. n i have to spend my very own money! that are not something i'm looking forward to..
well at home, i'll just say what i want to eat n mom will cook for me.. or we can just have dinner outside..
or if i feel hungry at night ( i mean 1 or 2 in d morning ), i can easily go to d kitchen, open d refrigerator n just grab some food.. kalau bad luck, panaskan air then buat maggi.. damn, sbb ni la berat aku naik ni! kah3..

my new year resolution? nothing specific.. just wanna do better in my studies.. work hard, talk less.. n be more matured as well.. i know sometimes i act like a 10 yrs old girl.. i'm a big girl now, so i hv to open my mind, look things from different perspectives, respect others n control my emotion as well.. but honestly, the subject for this sem menjatuhkan semangat sikit la... we have PSV this sem.. n PSV gonna b our minor for TESL students.. mmg mati hidup balik pun aku x suke PSV!!! sapa pny keje la bg idea maha bijak sampai blh dpt psv jd minor?? huh.. hehehe

that day in d car, zaim n i had a conversation.. reminiscing our school years.. oh god, i just couldn't stop laughing... apa la nasib aku dpt kawan otak gila mcm dia ni... he brought along his friend, sapa ntah namanya.. hahaha... zaim kept talking about the boys from our class.. kutuk kawan sendiri bukan main lg mamat tu.. one thing that he said abt our best friend, Nazrin which really made my day.. " Last aku jumpa Nazrin, dia baru ada halkum" Ya Allah... i laughed like crazy when he said that.. how could he describe his best friend like that?? i gonna tell nazrin what he said.. ;D. we headed to marrybrown n waited for the others to come... well, i had a blast w them that day... i realised that actually all of us always try to meet n hang out together especially if everybody has d same holiday or sem break.. friendship could never fade although we live far apart, rite..

muka budak2 k13 masa zaman kanak2 ribena.. ;D

so, i'm looking forward for new experiences this sem w my friends... explore new things n not to forget, pegi vacation lagi!! yihaaaa...

p/s : today is mom's birthday! 

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c@pTa!n a!Dz@M said...

sem baru , tahun baru , semangat baru ! haha .

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