Thursday, 7 February 2013

Bleh bleh bleh

Alhamdulillah, arrived home safely this evening.. Dad drove super fast today.. nk tercabut jantung aku dibuatnya.. hehe

finally it's holiday.. even though we need to replace this holiday so that cukup credit hours, but for now just ignore the fact.. hahaha.. so i came back one day earlier since i dun hv class tomorrow.. bet most of my classmates pun dah balik sekarang ni..

actually, we hv some tasks to be completed for this holiday.. but i think i didn't bring back any notes so kira burn la.. next sunday balik ipoh baru terhegeh-hegeh buat.. ngeh3.. it is not a secret that i hv conflict with PSV (pendidikan seni visual) seriously i hv no idea y this subject is chosen as our minor.. dah takdir nk buat mcm mane kan.. since the very first time we had seni lecture, i never paid attention to what the lecture said.. i felt bad n guilty but i just can't help it.. even if ppl see my sketch book, u see nothing in it.. i only draw until the 4th page! padahal dah almost two months since the new semester started... every task that he assigned us to do, i would do last minute or ended up not to do it at all.. huhu... really need to change this attitude, umairah! pemalas ya ampunnn... i think most of my classmates pun not so into this seni thingy because most of us also didn't do it.. hahaha.. and as a result, we have to do it this holiday.. ok nvm, salah diri snediri jgk..

this is our product.. kih3.. ignore caroline sia, please..;)

what should i 'goreng' about this lukisan? huwaaa ;(

since we don't hv class for tomorrow, today is already considered as half-holiday..hahaha.. we spent a very 'productive' time in d classroom watching movies and videos.. oh not to forget, laughing like crazy when our foundation year's photos appeared on the screen.. oh btw, we use lcd n speaker.. maklumlah, nk g tgk wyg, elaun x msk lagi.. huhu..sedih2.. the class turned to a circus.. everyone has their own yg buat video apa lah, tgk movie lah, karaoke pun ada.. multi-function K13.. hihi

k, i hv nothing else to say maybe.. since it's going to be a long holiday, perhaps i'll write more after this.. 

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR to Chan, Sia n Kak Lu.. safe journey.. chan balik thailand.. sawadikappp... hehe


p/s ; bukak purse td, tgk ada kertas apa ntah.. ijat punya keje la ni... grrrr XD


x10 said...

Haha...thx umi. Happy holiday. :)

umairah^_^ said...

Happy holiday! bring back souvenirs from thailand k! hehe

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