Sunday, 17 February 2013

McD-ing, picnic-ing n baby kitten ;)

Hello, i'm back! ;D

have been spending one week holiday to the very fullest. lol
at home, i eat like a monster, watching tv like a boss n hanging out w friends like we haven't meet for 10 years.. hehe

Last Wednesday, i met my secondary school's comrade.. what a blast! i tret mcd like my own home.. muahaha.. if u get what i mean.. lol
together w me were Adilah, Atin, Fitri, Ain n Shilop..  so actually we arrived at around 11am. but mcvalue lunch only starts by 12.. i was so freaking hungry to wait till 12pm.. only God knows how i feel at that moment..

then, firdaus arrived.. dia mmg buat aku malu giler hari tu..

karot : umi, ko lepak berapa lama?
me : seminggu
karot : ...

i really dunno what was wrong w my hearing masa tu.. i heard clearly what he said but i dunno why i answered him that way.. kejadahnya aku nk duduk kt mcd tu sampai seminggu!! that's what happened when ur mouth n ur brain are not synchronized  XD.. so starting from that moment, they teased me that i'll stay there for a week! grrr... blame firdaus! kah3.. ok i'm not d only one who involved in this problem. d other girls too!

me with Adilah, Fitri, Fatin, n Minah.. 

while waiting for the others to arrived, we bumped into wan jo.. he was w his family. since i had a 'bad' relationship w him recently. i completely ignore him even when he shake hand w daus.. serius sakit hati ble nmpak muka dia, so buat bodoh sudah... (ni la masalahnya bila dua2 ego!) ok lantak biaq pi la kt dia kan... the one that i've been waiting for was zaim.. muahaha... yeayyy dpt mcd free!!

we were discussing about syafina or syafinaz whatsoever at this moment.. n everybody was really in a confuse state. that's y my facial expression was like that lol

on Saturday, ne n d girls starts d adventure to teluk batik! actually ni idea spontan je masa sesi menunggu sahabat2 bertuah yg lain... hehe.. so x sangka la plan ni berjaya!

i dun feel like mandi2 so i just jalan2, jd model x bertauliah, makan, minum n tidur.. muahaha.. i really enjoyed myself.. sampai terlupa the next day nk blk ipoh dah..

model x berbayar by the seaside <3

oh, i forgot to mention that i had a baby cat now! pity the kitten.. how could the mother left the kitten ;( sudah la kecik lagi, so kesian...

ok i hv lots of work to do.. since i enjoyed my holiday to the fullest, i dun even bring back my works.. lol


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