Sunday, 23 October 2011

awkward?? is it??

second day of my deepavali holly now...
errr... kind of... maybe... hahaha

well, something wierd aka awkward happened today
to be exact, dis evening...

when i received d sms,
i was like this

erkkk!! ape mimpi budak ni text aku?? - monologue aku la ni konon2..
well,. i still had no answer abt my question above
but i replied d msgs like nothing happened although dlm hati 
i feel curious glerrrr.. hahahaha
but then i realised something...
my fren needs a company..
after so much things happened recently

we laughed
of silly jokes we made
just as usual
like we always do

although once again...i feel awkward for us to texting like that
as we never text each other unless there's something important to be informed
so, the conclusion is :
the awkwardness has bring us together to a new phase of friendship
may our friendship last forever :)

p/s : hooiii, umi! kau nk exam la woii.... errr.....
hahaha.... ble la nk dpt hidayah utk study ni.... huhu

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