Thursday, 20 October 2011

life goes on..

found this poem while searching for something in google..
i feel like i was in the poem itself as it resembles my life..
and everybody's life as well
i mean, everyone feels happy at one moment but all of a sudden,
everything change.. without any warning or just happen
and we hv no choice unless go through all the hardship with a strong heart and determination..

There was a time when everything was right,
each moment was blissful and bright.
Carefree, evergreen smile flashing on the face
but now life seems to loose its pace.
Everywhere is dark, no ray of hope,
no chances are left to recoup.
The evil void seared my happy soul
tears are flowing, which I can’t control.
Finding way out of it, I wasn’t sure
just wondering if I can find any cure.
But time heals all the pain,
after drought there always comes rain.
Even though life seems to be full of jerks
but letting yourself down will never work.
Parents’ love cannot be described in brief
and true friends are always beside us in our grief
There are many people who make life worth living
so cheer up and start dreaming.
Just believe in yourself and your dreams,
though impossible things may seem
Someday, somehow you’ll get through
to the goal you have in view

p/s : exam alert!!!! kringgggg!!! study2!!!

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