Wednesday, 11 January 2012

T.H.E E.N.D and M.O.V.I.N.G. F.O.R.W.A.R.D.

that's it!!

i guess this will be the end of everything..

the very end...

"the end" which i've been waiting for so long.. harinya dah tiba.... sgt unexpected...

i've once told myself not to hope too much coz i might suffer in the end

and today reveals everything that i need to know..

i'm in pessimist mood now... 

why He showed me everything tonight? only He got the answer to it..

now i started to believe in karma... i did something to A and now C gives me the same damn thing i did to A. .  Maha Kuasa Allah.. 

but to lose one, doesnt mean i lose everything.... dia ade... dia selalu ade... aku yg x perasan.. teruk kan aku? aku nampak org lain tp aku x nampak dia.. how stupid i am!! since the very first day, u r there.. u stoodstill next to me and i ignored u.... dah lama, tp ko ttp ade dgn aku, kn..?

u should learn how to appreciate the one who love u, umairah.. and i'll do that for sure.. 

a great day with friends - kenny rogers for dinner, mau x great, ye tak? hehe.. and another 'great" thing happened.. 
xpe lah.. if that is how it should end, then it will be.. live must go on.. i dunno where my feet will bring me to but i hope i'll come to u.... i mean it..... ;)
sorry for ignoring u all these while..


Jay Joseph ^^ said...

Ha sedar pun...tu la ignore aku lagi....dah2 meh join segmen meh...heheheh

umairah^_^ said...

kah3... gile ke ape? salah interpretation ko ni, jabar.. haha...aku ckp pasal benbda lain la... segmen amende ko nk soh aku join ni? hek3

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