Monday, 2 January 2012

Welcoming 2012 Warmly :)

i'm not officially 20 yet but
when 2012 comes, i was like
OMG, am i 20 this year???
damnnn.... i'm so childish till today!!

20 is such a bigggg and hugeeee number for me! 
i dun think i'm matured enough like my other friends.. ok, for example... when i met my schoolmates, i could clearly seen their changes.. i mean, they look like adults, they talked like adults especially the boys as they chitchat about serious matters a.k.a politics when we met at mcd.. i was like.. WHATTTT...?? we r here to eat and not to talk about all that stuff, guysss....

as for the girls, i could see only some of them looked mature.. they talk about their experience when they went for practicum at hospitals since quite a number of them are nurses-to-be and hospital-staffs-to-be.. they already met so many types of people..  well, since i haven't been to school for practicum or what-so-ever programme, so i'm still not exposed to that kind of situation... ohh, one day, i'll have so much experience to tell them when each class i enter got 40 students!! hah, amek kau!

as for me, i think i need more time to change.. changing myself takes time, actually.. to adapt in new environment...  once i feel the comfort, then its a no problem for me.. 

i hope 2012 will makes me more matures to understand others, considering others and the most important thing is for me to understand myself and respect myself. i wanna be a better person, a better student, a better daughter and a better friends. to love and to care others more than before...

2012, here i come!! :)
sungguh x sangka, i already left the sweet -teen world!! huhu...

p/s :  bye, umi...take care... assalamualaikum... 
and he left me, waving his hand with a sweet smile on his face..  duhhh... gonna miss him after this.. ble la baru blh jmpe lg, kan?? ko blk la cpt... xde ape pun kt perlis tu... hehe

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