Saturday, 31 December 2011

I Love My Twentyeleven :)

it is finally the final day of 2011..
hmmm... what can i say..?

i gained a lot and i lost a lot as well..
2011 has been a remarkable one.. 
i have everything i want in my life..
awesome, awesome and awesome friends, great and understanding teachers and lecturers, loving parents, naughty little brother and Alhamdulillah enough money.. hehe ( blm pernah ikat perut sbb x ckp duit)

when i learned more, i appreciate more
every single person by my side, every single thing happen around me





life is an endless learning process indeed.. we learned something new everyday.. just sometimes we didnt notice it because it may look useless now but it is priceless once u realize it later.. 

i try not to forget every moment that i have been through with them.. 
ouhh... what can i say about k13.... naughty? keras kepala? kelakar? 
my classmates are superb!! put aside what others think about us, but k13 really rocksss!!!

Chan, Thevika, Famy, Kimi, Izzat, Jim, Sia, Jabar, Kak Lu, Kak Huda, Dash, Kak Put, Evelyne, Kayun, Yamna, Zatie, Mira, Mary, Hamdan, Azmie, Wan, Faiz, Yusman, Rashidi

korg mmg best glerrrr!!! lets rock our degree program later.. FIGHTING, K13!!

i dun mind to let myself wet in the rain as i love to enjoy the rainbow afterwards. i dun know what awaits me tomorrow, next year or 10 years later but i will always pray for the best... i want a life full of love and cares from people whom i love and care... 

i hope the sun will always shine to guide me, let the rain give me strength not to give up and the rainbow awaits me to make me smile again :)

January 1st is my mum's birthday...
Happy 42th Birthday to this great,strong-hearted lady!! 

love u, Mak!!

p/s : i dunno what i actually feel right now.. some unfinished matter made me feel like this.. but it doesnt matter now.. xde hati nk fikir about it pun.. hope everything will come to the end someday. i'm sick of thinking about the same stupid matter each time,... i wanna give a damn to it.. how i hate this feeling!!! i really wanna give a damn to you!!! and i mean it!!!



x10sapient said...

wow,everyone celebrates her birthday hehe. Happy birthday to your mum :)
c u...

Jabar Ainal ^^ said...

wish u happy new year n epy beday to ur beloved mum...^^

umairah^_^ said...

that's y my mum is awesome!! everyone celebrate her birthday.!! hahaahaa

Kayun.Zack said...

dah 2012. rasa sekejap je. hee :)

happy birthdayyy untuk mak umi. heee :)

umairah^_^ said...

hmm.. tu la.. kejap je,kn... :)

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