Monday, 27 June 2011

love is insane..

we already started d lesson on To Kill A Mockingbird, an exciting novel by Harper Lee... i've read it before so i hv quite a clear picture of it...

segan for me to admit dis... but...
i think... i fall for Atticus Finch......... 
i admire his character.. kind of 'cool' to me.. hek3..
luv d way he treated his children...
luv d way he advice them..
i dunno lahh!! i just luv him.... his luv to his kids r undeniable...
sepanjang tempoh aku bace novel tu, aku terfikir... IS THERE ANY OTHER MAN LIKE HIM NOW?
agak2 ade kerr? blh ke jmpe dat kind of guy d bumi malaysia nihh? hehe..yg loving, responsible mcm dye... if got one, i will b d first person to fall in luv with dat guy...!! aceceyyyy......

to anybody who r deeply in luv at dis moment, i think u gonna luv dis song.. 

Mata ini indah melihatmu
Rasa ini rasakan cintamu
Jiwa ini getarkan jiwamu
Jantung ini detakkan jantungmu

Dan biarkan aku padamu
Menyimpan sejuta harapan
Aku padamu
Rasa ini tulus padamu
Takkan berhenti
Sampai nanti ku mati

Biarkan aku jatuh cinta
Pesona ku pada pandangan
Saat kita jumpa
Biarkan aku 'kan mencoba
Tak perduli kau berkata
'Tuk mau atau tidak

i jus luv dis song... 

1 comment:

umairah^_^ said...

dun ask me y i put dat song here.... jus wanna let u knw i like d song k... it has nothing to do with any "perasaan" thing k....

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