Friday, 15 July 2011

a confused l**e

sometimes i feel like i've lost u
sometimes like we've never met,
at times i find myself remembering
the things i know i should forget.
sometimes i sit back and wonder
why i'm still around?...
but i know that gotta be something
thats lost but will be found

a confused heart,
cant love for sure.
a confuse love,
is something that we endure.
a confused girl,
whos stuck in a state of hate.
cant love a confused boy
who apologize for coming too late.....

=) what should i do??
just like wat i learnt in Social Studies, i think avoidance technique would b d best.. i feel so lazy to think abt it yet i need to....
haissshhh!!! i hate this feeling!!!1
stay away from me, pleassseeee..........!!


Jabar Ainal ^^ said...

sort of the same...lalalala....
org buat poem die nk wat gak...

umairah^_^ said...

but mine is not as complicated as yours... i'm noy a "poem" type la... saje je..hehe

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