Tuesday, 19 July 2011

:-) or :-(

u r not here with me..
u r far far away..
u r not in d same world as me..
u dunno wat i face every moment i'm here..
u r such an idiot for making me feel dis way...
u r freaking bad for causing me to feel suck d whole day..
u r a jerk coz u tease me every single minute..
u dont deserve to hv my love..
even me myself dunno wats in my mind rite nw..

but i think i salute u..
for ur understanding..
for ur kindness..
for ur care..
even i think u deserve more..
but i cant give u more..
coz i dun deserve to hv yours too..

i always made u feel sad..
i take u for granted..
i said i wasnt at home but i was..
i said i'm bz but i'm not..
i said "ade aku kesah' but i do "kesah"..
coz u r u....
i cant change myself coz u r u..
u r d one who i always tease..
since d first time we met..
i said "ape la mendu sgt ko ni?"..
seriously i hate u b4..
but now i'm so freaking sensitive with u...
one thing for sure, u color my life..
u make it messier..
u make it crazier..
u make it worse..
worse than ever...

p/s : this few days i discover d other side of someone... glad to hv u as my fren.. mayb we r not that close, but i really like d way u treat me.. now i knw how much u care for me.. u hv done it once n now u r do it again..  in every bad side of someone, there must b something valuable is hidden on d other side.. nw i knw u from both side..n i'm glad i'd seen it in u.. hope our frenship last forever, kawan =)

i'm happy, happy, happy, happy today!!!
video conference at k13 booth made me smile d whole day! haha..
tq to everyone who made me smile today....

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