Saturday, 23 July 2011

ohh... lalala~

salam... wahhh!!boring sungguh hari ini... ( sesuai ke 'wahhh' dgn ayt tu? )
at last, i managed to finish muvi review on titanic for LDV.. alhamdulillah... even lgsg xde smgt nk buat mule2 tu..
cant wait for tomorrow actually... my mak n ayah are coming to pay me a visit... wuhuuu~
ayah, plissss..... bring me somewhere far away from dis freaking bored maktab!!!!! haha...
i'm supposed to b at my hometown nw... ade kenduri arwah kt kampung but i didnt go back coz yesterday i went for d 'gua trip'.. plus, ayah must b bz with dat kenduri stuff..

but honestly, ada gak hikmahnye aku x kuar g mane2 ari ni..... dpt gk aku study TKAM ckit.... so xde la aku blurr je dis coming monday when ms leong enter d class.... errr... hope so... sometimes two hours r sooooo longgg for me... somehow rather i like TKAM much more than macbeth.. mayb bcoz of d simple n understandable language compared to macbeth which has so many 'bahasa berbunga' until i couldnt understand what shakespeare tried to say actually... hahaha... i need more time to 'butcher' it for coming exam...

since mak is coming tomorrow, so i need to wake up early... dun sleep after subuh ya, umi.... hihihihi... n kene kemas2 ckit blk ni...ade gaya mcm nk kene spotcheck x?? to prevent 'ceramah free' session, i hv to do it!!! hahaha... now i;m thinking whether ade lg x homework yg kene buat... rase mcm ade, tp x mampu nk recall le plak.. haha.. assignments r coming... more n more.... i hv two now.. bm n comment abt ss coz its quite difficult but d task is qiute interesting coz we hv to prepare a muvi... haaaa! sounds good... class aku mmg suke buat benda2 ni..hihi..

from chan's blog... chan, pinjam yerr :-)

p/s : mak, nk pizza.... esok g mkn pizza kt jj eh? kenny rogers pun orait.... haha.. 
hey u!! i'm hepi to hear abt u again ,u knw... :-)

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