Thursday, 7 July 2011


assalamualaikum.. :-)
my tutor asked us to write abt "My Dreams".. she asked us what our dreams are but d whole class remain silent..haha.. mayb dats y she wanted us to write abt it... she wished to know us better ( die ckp laa..)

well, dat was last week.... tomorrow, i hv to pass it up...  biggest question mark in my mind rite now is.... WHAT IS MY DREAM???? wat i gonna write on dat paper?? its not dat i dun hv a dream or dreams perhaps but its just dat i cant think abt it at all.... frankly speaking, my dreams a.k.a goals r usually depend on situation... ok.. for instance la kan... d exam is just around d corner, so my goal at dat particular time is to score well... to pass my exam with fying colours... or... if i watched any programs on tv regarding places of interest that r nice to b visited, i would say, "nanti aku nk g sane lahh"... then, d next day, if i see another tv program abt other place, i would say d same thing....n now, i am in teacing profession, so i wish to b a good, kind, kiut tcer when i go to school in 4 yrs time ( yg kiut tu x exaggerate je..haha)
aku pun pelik dgn diri aku...

am i not motivated enough?? i dun think so coz when i say i will do it, means i will do it till d end.. aku akn brtahan smpai ke akhir no matter how hard it is... people around me knw dat i'm dat kind of person..

so, i think i need to sit down n stare at d paper so that i cn recall back my memory of wat my dreams are..huuh!!!~ dats tough guys!!!

here r wat i could think of for d time being :
1. send mak n ayah for haj
2. make my family proud of me
3. b a bookworm ( i am now but i wish to b more serious in reading)
4. visit CHINA n EGYPT (c?? hw much i so in luv with history!!)
5. b a great teacher whn i start teaching in 4 yrs time
6. do something dat will make my parents say " tu la ank aku"..

hah!! dats all... vry lame, dull... nothing cn mke u wow,kn.... but dats me.. i just wanna make everything look simple but at d end, it turns to glory... hoho..
k, le me write something on my paper first... hahaha...
daa~ peace yaa...
i'm definitely gonna post something again tonite....
hahahahaha...... :-)


Anonymous said...

number 6 tu ak ase la mcm kinda riak...hahaha....gurau2 je...=P

umairah^_^ said...

sbb aku da xtau nk tulis ape la wehh... haha.. demam da ok ka?

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