Tuesday, 12 July 2011

me and mr darcy

hello everyone!! buhsan sungguh ptg ini..haha.. so, after puas sleeping just now, i grabbed my favourite english novel ever.... (exaggerating again...lalala)

tadaaaa......!!! meet ME AND MR DARCY
ni la buah ati pengarang jantung aku.. whenever i feel bored, i'll just grabbed dis book n read it.. y i luv dis book?? here is a review abt it..

Emily Albright is a bookstore manager for a family owned bookstore in New York. She’s had a string of bad dates and her friend is trying to get her to run off to Mexico for New Years. Instead, Emily decides to go on a tour of Jane Austen country. Her excitement is a bit dashed when she discovers that her group is mostly older women making her rethink her decision.
Joining the group is journalist, Spike Hargreaves, sent by his paper to discover why Mr. Darcy is the fantasy dream date of most British women. Spike, of course, is the antithesis of Darcy. Unkempt with a slight Buddha belly (as my girlfriends and I like to call it), foul mouthed and certainly unchivalrous. Compared to the literary perfection that is Darcy, Spike has no chance of capturing the heart of our intrepid heroine.
This is a retelling of Pride and Prejudice. The character arcs of Spike and Emily intentionally mirror that of Darcy and Elizabeth. Emily overhears Spike say something to a friend of his that is unflattering to her just as Elizabeth overhears Darcy decline to dance with Mr. Bingley because she is not handsome enough. The tour bus driver tells Emily something unsavory about Spike just like when Mr. Wickham tells something unsavory to Elizabeth about Mr. Darcy, generating dislike. When Darcy, err Spike, comes forward with his feelings, he is soundly rebuffed by Elizabeth, I mean, Emily.
The book is replete with quotations from Pride and Prejudice. There would be a quoted passage and then there would be a virtual re-enactment of the scene with Emily and Spike instead of Elizabeth and Darcy.
to anyone who has read pride and prejudice before, u gonna luv dis one too...
whenever i read dis book, i would b wondering.... WHO'S GONNA B MY MR DARCY???hehe...
there's another buk dat i wanna share with u guys... THE JAPANESE LOVER.. later yaa~
peace everyone!!

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